Support needed for children with disabilities & their families – Comodini Cachia

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More support needed for children with disabilities & their families - Comodini CachiaComodini Cachia has called for more support to children with disabilities and their families in a European Parliament report.

"Children with disabilities and their families must be supported through measures of early intervention, adequate social assistance and appropriate community-based services. The report on disability adopted today at the European Parliament is one step ahead towards a more inclusive and caring Europe."

MEP Therese Comodini Cachia made these remarks following the adoption by unanimity of the Committee on Culture and Education opinion for the report dealing with disability.

Comodini Cachia served as the EPP Group Rapporteur for this opinion and spearheaded various amendments on behalf of the EPP Group.

The MEP called for education systems to refrain from creating environments that label learners such as banding and streaming as this negatively affects students with disabilities especially those with learning difficulties.

She emphasised that educators need access to good resources that will empower them to deal with mainstreamed education and that the EU, together with Member States, must provide more opportunities for continuous professional development.

She argued strongly in favour of people with disability in having full access to information in accessible formats including sign languages, Braille and other accessible means.

She said that digital tools could serve as an important medium to assist in the inclusion of people with disabilities and that people with disabilities should not be left out or lag behind in accessing the digital and technological developments that are constantly taking place.

Comodini Cachia also called on the Commission to adopt effective measures to prevent violence against persons with disabilities. She argued that lack of awareness among society and general discriminatory views can all lead to violence against children and adults with disabilities.

In the light of research which shows that most anti-violence and anti-bullying measures at Member States level fail to recognise and address particular risk of children with disabilities, Comodini Cachia called for effective measures to be taken including offering proper training to carers and those who are closest to these children.

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