MSPCA pushes for animal welfare laws to be enforced

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MSPCA pushes for animal welfare laws to be enforcedThe MSPCA said that it is pushing for animal welfare laws to be enforced, and encourages people to stand up for animal rights.

The Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (MSPCA) said today that it has many a time applauded the improvement of laws that protect the welfare of animals. "The Animal Welfare Act of 2002 with its numerous additions and amendments over the years, the Electronic Identification of Dogs regulations of 2012 and other regulations on the sale of animals and minimum standards for animal sanctuaries are primary examples of such upgrading, although there is always room for improvement."

The MSPCA said that "following the case of the horse whipped in Maghtab, where a magistrate found that the man had good reason to whip it to "protect" a toddler, MSPCA is questioning the validity of such improved laws if their enforcement is mediocre at best?"

"Now that a new case of a horse being whipped indiscriminately has arisen, just days ago, and this time in a public place, which indicates the sentiment that there should be no shame associated with causing distress to an animal which is already in a compromised situation, MSPCA hopes that the authorities will take this opportunity to enforce the laws and have justice for this innocent animal," the Society stated.

MSPCA said that it will be attending the protest against animal cruelty held on the 17th of April in St Julian's and invites the public to do the same, to show their dismay at such cruel treatment of animals.

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    2 Responses

    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      The guy who beat the horse is a total piece of scum. Why didn’t someone step in and stop him instead of videoing it on their camera’s? People like this are cowards so never be afraid to get in their face and put an end to their cruelty. I’d love to use that whip on him for 10 minutes and see how he liked it.

      • SD says:

        Hasn’t dorned you you that he wanted< to be filmed a few minutes of fame<, which no doubt marked a black image of him and his immediate family.

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