MHRA supports events that generate tourism activity

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MHRA supports events that generate tourism activityThe Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) has said in a statement that it advocates the importance to have a programme of diverse events organised throughout the year, "but especially during the period November – March with a view to further extend the seasonal nature of the tourism sector and also increase the diversity of the source markets."

MHRA noted that the private sector in collaboration with the major stakeholders, namely the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA), have over the recent years been marking, what it describes as "very interesting achievements on this front thus contributing to major improvements year on year in the general growth of the tourism sector."

"Given the nature of certain events, sometimes these may lead to temporary disruptions in the lives of locals especially in localities where such activities are organised. In this light MHRA appeals to all the stakeholders to work closer together and ensure better organisation and accordingly minimise disturbance to residents and curb any illegalities which may tinge negatively such events."

MHRA President Mr Tony Zahra states that, "our tourism sector needs more diverse events, including music events such as the one organised this weekend, especially in the November – March period as these not only contribute to the growth of the tourism sector as a whole but also potentially lead to area regeneration in different tourism zones. We need to look at the wider picture and understand the potential of economic benefits generated by these events, while ensuring that all possible measures are taken by all stakeholders to minimise or even eliminate all inconveniences."

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