Minister for Gozo addresses the 1st Gozo Youth Conference

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Minister for Gozo address the 1st Gozo Youth ConferenceThe Minister for Gozo, Anton Refalo, has said that society is changing. “This Government is living proof of this change.”

The Minister stated this while he was addressing the 1st Gozo Youth Conference, which took place on Saturday, organised by the Gozo Youth Council as part of its project iLead – The Creative Leader Academy – which is funded through EEA Grants and SOS Malta and co-financed by Agenzija Zghazagh.

“Young people are the catalysts of change.” the Minister said. “A substantial part of Government expenditure goes towards youth education, therefore increasingly, young Gozitan people are finding more opportunities.”

Dr Refalo mentioned that since the beginning of this legislature, the Ministry for Gozo has met with key stakeholders in order to understand more the needs of Gozitan youth.

The Minister spoke about the various measures undertaken by the Ministry for Gozo including: the establishment of the Youth Council and the appointment of a Gozo Youth Services Coordinator.

The Ministry will also be financing the recruitment of an officer in charge, for a Youth Communication Centre. Dr Refalo added that the Ministry is involved with ongoing studies about connectivity between Malta and Gozo.

“This Ministry is combating the problem of physical and digital inaccessibility. With the project of a Barts Medical School in sight, the Gozo Hospital will be transformed and this will give more opportunity to Gozitan students and young workers in the medical field. There was also the opening of RS2, boutique hotels and a record increase in both domestic and foreign tourism,” the Minister for Gozo said.

He also pointed out the work being done to encourage more cruise liners to visit Gozo, as well as the project to install a new fibre optic cable, which, Dr Refalo said, will lead to more targeted youth careers.

“That is why the Ministry is actively, productive, and optimistic, in order to give youths and future generations the opportunity of quality of life.”

By direct contact with young people, the Minister said that he believes that Gozo will be the economic engine of the country, and the desired hope for the younger generation to stop the brain drain, and increase the prosperity of Gozo for Gozitans.

Photograph: Alain Salvary

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