A successful milestone for The Floyd Campaign with €13,500 raised

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Another successful milestone for The Floyd Campaign with €13,500 raisedFor the second consecutive year, the end of 2015 saw the Floyd Campaign achieve another remarkable milestone. The striking sum of €13,500 was reached by the end of this campaign. This achievement was marked with a ceremony which was held on the 19th of February 2016. For this event, the organisers, Borg Cardona received a visit by Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes at their premises.

The company said that such a result would not have been possible without the help of Nevise Borg Caligari and the full team behind Borg Cardona. Their efforts to help the company move forward did not stop short with this campaign but they also did their utmost to make a difference in the animal welfare community.

The Floyd Campaign team is optimistic that the donations will not only improve the well-being of cats and dogs found in animal shelters but also that of stray cats which are cared for by a number of feeders.

With every bag of Royal Canin, Lindo Cat Litter or Biokat's Cat Litter sold, 5 cents per kilogramme was donated towards this campaign. This means that with the purchase of products bearing the Floyd Campaign sticker, pet owners were automatically helping the less fortunate animals.

The donation was calculated pro-rata according to the purchases of Royal Canin, Biokat's and Lindo Cat litter done during these months.

The rebate is then calculated according to the needs and consumption of food made by feeders and NGOs that would have been registered with The Company along the years.

The total sum of €13,500 was paid exclusively by the campaign sponsors mainly Royal Canin ® and sub sponsors Biokat's Cat Litter and Lindo Cat Litter.

The Floyd Campaign team was fortunate to see that so many pets are living in a loving home and being treated as family members. However, not every cat and dog is that lucky and this fact lies at the heart of the campaign. Sadly, every day a number dogs, cats and other animals are found roaming in streets without food and other care.

The purpose of the Floyd Campaign is to help those less fortunate by providing superior nutrition and care for stray dogs and cats until they find a new loving home. Most beneficiaries of this campaign were invited where they received a donation suitable to their needs, Gozo SPCA will also benefit from this campaign.

The team behind The Floyd Campaign encourage those who have the welfare of animals at heart to follow and support the purpose of this campaign. All updates are uploaded on Facebook/The Floyd Campaign.

Photograph: DOI/Pierre Sammut

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