A Spiritual Perspective: John Martin Borg exhibition at Il-Hagar

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A Spiritual Perspective: John Martin Borg exhibition at Il-HagarFrom this Saturday, the 12th March, Il-Hagar Museum, in St George's Square, Victoria, will be hosting an exhibition by John Martin Borg entitled `A Spiritual Perspective.'

The paintings on display are inspired by `The Year of Mercy,' announced by Pope Francis.

On Saturday, the 19th of March, the artist will hold a lecture at 10.30am on the spiritual interpretation of some of the works. Entrance to both events is free

John Martin Borg has established himself as a watercolour artist. He is mostly renowned for his maritime pictures and atmospheric landscapes. Working mostly on location his watercolours gradually developed into studies of moods and poetic expressions. However very few are aware of the love John Martin has for religious art.

This love has gradually grown with the artist, as his interest and concern in the spiritual aspect of life became more and more important to him. In the beginning it started showing up in his works with a few occasional religious drawings but gradually developed into abstract interpretations of the artist's spiritual experiences.

John Martin loves to pick upon a given a spiritual theme, that somehow reflects an important aspect in his life, and develop it through a serious of sketches. For these sketches he normally uses pen and ink because it is a fast way of rendering his thoughts and ideas. He does one sketch after another in a rapid succession using two or three different coloured inks, this is a form of 'thinking aloud' in a visual sense.

Once he develops the idea he start to work on the available studies. These final pictures are normally rendered in watercolours and gold. Through the influence of iconography, gold features heavily in all John Martin's religious works, as it depicts the infinite nature of God. The end result might be a single finished work or a serious of paintings with one given theme.

John Martin Borg exhibited his first works in 1979. Ever since he has presented a series of personal shows. He also participated in a large number of collective exhibitions.

Locally his watercolours are found in a number of important places including the Presidential Palace of San Anton, the Museum of Contemporary Arts, The Maritime Museum, the Cathedral Museum in Mdina and the National Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts. His works have also been exhibited abroad at the Mall Gallery and the 'Royal Water-colour Society' open exhibition in London, at the UNESCO Head Quarters in Paris; also in Cologne, Munich, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Salzburg, Berlin, San Tropez, Paris, Dubai, Tunis and Florid (USA).

His paintings are also found in such prominent places as the 'World Health Organisation Centre' in Geneva and the 'Commonwealth Centre' in London.

One of his paintings forms part of the Royal Collection in London, which was presented by the President of Malta to the Royal Couple during their visit to Malta in May 1992.

The exhibition in Victoria will remain open to the public until the 11th of April. Guided viewing is also available between 9am to 5pm by prior appointment.

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