Aurora Opera House Gozo to take part in Earth Hour 2016

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Aurora Opera House Gozo to take part in Earth Hour 2016As part of its social commitment and responsibility to promote environmental awareness within the local community, the Aurora Theatre (Leone Philharmonic Society) has said that it is intent on participating in this year's edition of 'Earth Hour,' to be held on Saturday, the 19th of March of March, between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

This will be the 6th year that the Aurora Opera House will be participating in Earth Hour. Symbolically, the Opera House will turn off its external illumination on the facade of the theatre for an hour joining worldwide landmarks.

Some of the world's most famous wonders, including China's Forbidden City, the Eiffel Tower, Table Mountain, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Buckingham Palace, Rio de Janeiro's statue of Christ the King; Niagara Falls in Canada and Victoria Falls in Zambia, the Empire State Building in New York and the Sydney Opera House, are switching their lights off for an hour.

The lights-out event itself aims to empower people to make a difference on and beyond one hour to reach out to the hundreds of millions of people within the community and the global Earth Hour communities.

Apart from planning to join the global venues worldwide in switching off their lights, the Leone Philharmonic Society also intends to organise a series of outreach activities throughout the day, with the aim, it said, "of establishing a renewed social consciousness on the effects which daily life actions hold on the sustainability of our communities, and consequently, our planet."

The Aurora Opera House said that it will give rise to a concept whereby local volunteers will be offering information on the carbon footprint of their shopping activities in real time, as well as providing useful tips on the proper disposal of their newly-bought items once they generate waste products.

WWF started Earth Hour in 2007 to unite the world and make a stand against climate change. Today, Earth Hour is the world's largest environmental movement for the planet that involves more than 172 countries and territories and 7,000 cities worldwide.

This year marks Earth Hour's tenth lights out event. In the past nine years, WWF and Earth Hour teams worldwide have harnessed the power of the movement to raise support and funds for access to renewable energy, protection of wildlife and their habitats, building sustainable livelihoods and driving climate-friendly legislation and policy.

Wherever you are on the planet, 8.30 pm Local Time is Earth Hour.

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