Can natural farming be the future of agriculture in Gozo?

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Natural farming, can it be future of agriculture in Gozo? - Readers LetterReaders letter: "I observed Silvio over one year as a pioneer of natural farming in Gozo, even helping him occasionally with his efforts on the land.


Who could expect that a farming amateur named Silvio would be a pioneer of organic farming in Gozo? The name "natural farming" would be more appropriate because the name « organic » is a label given by the authority. So to use the word organic a farmer would have to respect a number of specifications and wait 2 years.

Moreover using the label « organic" does not mean you don't use any chemicals at all! Silvio did this experimental work for one year, for himself and his friends. He was able to grow naturally vegetables, without using any chemicals at all. And the result is quite spectacular.

So I asked Silvio if we could take photos of his vegetables and write about it. He agreed with that in spite of the fact that it was not his intention… So here we go, just the pictures speak for themselves, when you think that these vegetables are 100% natural, absolutely no chemicals have been used, only water, good will and some love. Because Silvio just enjoyed to do it. Can natural farming be the future of agriculture in Gozo? - Readers LetterNEVER AGAIN

So we have the evidence that we can grow vegetables without any chemicals, and also naturally grown vegetables are more tasty and healthy. In fact many chemicals are harmful for the environment and health like « Roundup », which is banned all over Europe except… Malta and Gozo!

Knowing this, we can be a bit more aware about the existence of these chemicals not only in the soil but also in the processed food. If you want to live long and healthy, if you wish the best for your kids and your loved ones, if you care for your environment, you can follow Silvio's example. Cultivate naturally, or make your own research an spread the word.

We all wish that Gozo could become an example and refuses for the health of its habitants all these harmful chemicals such as Roundup. You can go deeper and research on internet about « Monsanto » to understand the big interests and profits that generates this food industry, linked with the health industry.

Because eating naturally means also that you have a stronger immune system, less disease, less cancers… This is an urgent and sanitary issue, for the health of the Gozitan people. Let's stop using Roundup and let's spread the word! Can natural farming be the future of agriculture in Gozo? - Readers LetterNATURAL AGRICULTURE: WE CO-CREATE THE ENVIRONMENT WE LIVE IN

The aim of this letter is not to change everything, it is to show Gozitans that they can really grow vegetables naturally without using any chemicals at all, and to motivate anybody to do the same experiment! Many people have already visited the field to ask Silvio questions and gain information.. It is very simple, just plant the seeds at the right moment of the season, water it, enjoy it, and await the result!

You can also use many natural means to avoid insects (flowers, coffee, aquaponics…). If you are a farmer you don't need the label « organic » to do the right thing. Just think that it takes more than 50 years to get rid of the harmful chemicals that are trapped in the soil. Can natural farming be the future of agriculture in Gozo? - Readers LetterTHE FUTURE OF AGRICULTURE IN GOZO

How do you see the future of Gozo on the agricultural aspect? What do you want on the plate of your loved ones? Do you know that you can totally detoxify your body by eating naturally in one week?

What I am suggesting here is to develop natural farming on a family scale, in the schools and in the Gozo Hospital. In the schools because it is a wonderful educational mean, and in the hospital to provide healthy food to the patient. We can extend this idea to any place where it is possible to grow fruit and vegetables.

The Gozitans can be proud of their island and it would be the perfect time and place to show this example by initiating a natural farming movement.

Thank to all of you who share this idea and for more information you are more than welcome to send any questions or comments below."

François Deniau.

Photographs: Alain Salvary

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    3 Responses

    1. Simon Wallace says:

      Great to see “organic” growing receiving some coverage in the local press – and to discover that other individuals (including myself) are trying a chemical-free approach here on the island. Perhaps it’s the right time for all those interested to get together to share good practice, experiences and learn from each other – and take the first steps towards chemical-free fruit and vegetable growing here on Gozo.

    2. j cauchi says:

      Educating the whole population is the key starting with school children all the way up teaching how to read labels they are very confusing and for a reason ,some you cant even see unless you have perfect vision its all to their advantage and we the people are paying for these products that are addictive and just as toxic to us as cigarettes .More has to be done organic is the way to go and i am so glad to read this positive article.I suggest the documentary fed up its very eye opening its showed here in schools in health classes .

    3. Geri Mager says:

      Do you have telnr. or adress of Silvio for contact.

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