New bus routes being implemented, & changes to others from Sunday

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New bus routes being implemented, & changes to others from SundayMalta Public Transport has said that it will be implementing new routes and changing others on Sunday.

After Sunday, the service will include localities that were not served before and buses will now be covering 2.5 million kilometres more each year. Mater Dei Hospital and University will have dedicated routes, 12 of which were extended to serve St. Luke's Hospital.

Download the booklet with details of all new routes active as from Sunday 20th December.

19 new routes will be introduced while more than 30 routes will be changed. Changes include extensions to new areas, trimming so the buses reach their destination faster and increased frequencies.

The bus interchange for Mater Dei Routes will be at University. Commuters from Mater Dei Hospital can board any bus that will take them to University. There they can board another bus to reach their destination. The new arrangement was designed to reduce accidents and traffic congestion in front of Mater Dei.

MPT said that the changes are being introduced during the Christmas period, where traditionally less commuters use Public Transport, to allow time for bus users to find their way through the new routes.

During this period, buses operate on a seasonal schedule. A number of routes will be changed extensively. We urge regular commuters to consult the booklet that is being sent to all households to determine whether their routes will be affected.

The new routes will be implemented as part of a major route network overhaul. An overhaul designed by Transport Malta following a consultation period during which over 3,500 proposals were considered. Local Councils were actively involved in designing the new routes.

Transport Malta said that together with the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, they will convene a new consultation period where the new routes will be fine tuned.

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