Birdlife Malta appoints Mark Sultana as its new Chief Executive Officer

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Birdlife Malta appoints Mark Sultana as its new Chief Executive OfficerBirdlife Malta, has appointed Mark Sultana as its new Chief Executive Officer. Sultana a former treasurer with Birdlife Malta was one of the main spokespersons in the SHOUT campaign, has been an active member of BLM for over 30 years.

Birdlife newly elected president Darryl Grima welcomed Mark Sultana to his new post, "Mark Sultana's appointment as Birdlife Malta's new CEO comes at a crucial time for Birdlife Malta. Together with a newly elected enterprising council, he will be embarking on an extensive and challenging conservation programme, earmarked by inspiring educational programmes and some very exciting EU Life projects, which together involves some 30 members of staff."

He added, "the very fact that Mark is Maltese and has extensive experience working with organisations in Malta will allow him to build on our reputation as the largest environmental NGO in Malta"

On his part Mark Sultana said, "with more than 50 years of experience, Birdlife Malta has so much to offer to Malta and the Maltese. I look forward in building new bridges with the present administration, sister organisations, civil society and all stakeholders."

Sultana added, "as Malta's largest environmental NGO it is time for Birdlife Malta to also look at the new challenges in environmental policy, nature conservation and climate change. Above all, this is the time to build on our successes to ensure that Malta's fragile biodiversity is preserved and more nature reserves created to preserve this local richness for the benefit of the common good. I believe that the Gozitan and Maltese people are an integral part of our natural environment and it is therefore a nature conservation principle that caring for nature means caring for ourselves."

Mark Sultana, 42 father of two boys was the former head of operations and finance at Razzett tal-Hbiberija for six years. Two of which he served as General Manager, following the merger between Razzett and Eden he was appointed Chief Financial officer of Inspire where he served for 6 years.

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