‘Road studs’ make Coast Road bicycle lane dangerous – AD

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'Road studs' make Coast Road bicycle lane dangerous - ADAlternattiva Demokratika has condemned the lack of consultation between Transport Malta and cycling clubs and NGOs promoting cycling.

"The lack of consultation and collaboration results in hazards for cyclists – such are the 'road studs' which recently appeared on the newly tarmaced Coast Road," AD said.

AD stated that "the Coast Road has been for years one of the key roads for cyclists who practise cycling as a sport. It is also a road accessed by leisure cyclists whilst acting as a major commuting link used by those using cycling as a means of transportation. However the recent 'road studs' placed inside the cycle lane are a safety hazard for cyclists."

It said that the, 'road studs' placed inside the lane have automatically narrowed the cycle lane, meaning that when there is debris on the lane a cyclist has to ride over the 'road studs' to avoid the debris. The 'road studs' also make it far more dangerous for a cyclist to overtake another rider or a parked car.

Dr. Claire Azzopardi Lane, AD spokesperson for sports, said, "if Transport Malta really wished to protect cyclists – then a strip of 'road studs' placed on the outside of the lane would have emphasised the fact that a driver has already broken the law before reaching the white line indicating the cycle lane."

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