White stork reported to have been shot in Gozo

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Mixture of hunters & ornithologists all enjoy viewing the storksThe Police  in Gozo are investigating reports that a white stork was fatally shot in Gozo, in a location between Gharb and San Lawrenz.

The incident happened at around 1.30pm this afternoon, when 2 poachers allegedly shot and killed the stork at close range and were then spotted  leaving the scene at speed with the dead bird.

A spokesperson for BirdLife Malta said that they had received an anonymous call regarding the incident and the Police were immediately alerted and went to the area.

Earlier this afternoon St Hubert Hunters had said that the flock of 9 young white storks which stopped to rest yesterday below Mdina, on their migration route from Sweden, saw a good number of KSU members, other hunters and local ornithologists enjoying the sight as the storks prepared for their journey southwards.

“Bird photography is no novelty for hunters and added that “the help of Dr. Natalino Fenech in raising awareness that hunters have no problem cooperating with open minded ornithologists is to be highly commended,” said KSU.

“The myth that in Malta hunters shoot everything that flies has for years tarnished Malta’s hunters. Clearly some do benefit from promoting such perception but facts speak louder than words.”

KSU pointed out that the recent cooperation between hunters and ornithologists “clearly proves their commitment towards safeguarding protected birds.”

Saint Hubert Hunters called for the strengthening of this cooperation “for the benefit of the Maltese islands and our birds.”

The photo of Storks preening themselves before leaving from their short rest on Malta was taken by Kaccaturi San Ubertu Secretary (KSU) Nyal Xuereb.

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