MUMN puts forward its proposals for the upcoming Budget

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MUMN puts forward its proposals for the upcoming BudgetThe Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses Council has put forward its proposals in three main points for the Finance Minister to consider to include in this year’s Budget, which are:-

1. “Student Nurses and Midwives should be given a Minimum Wage instead of a stipend to increase the incentive for students to join such professions. Minimum Wage was already granted to nursing students in the recent past when the situation in our country regarding shortage of nurses was as dreadful as it is today.

This system was then transformed back again to stipends when the Government of that period had an illusion that the shortage of nurses in our country no longer existed. This measure really had positive effects and should be introduced again.

2. “MUMN is aware of the serious situation our country is continuous facing regarding the waiting list for elderly people to find an institutional home to stay as they are facing family problems of being cared for.

“MUMN is convinced that if proper grants will be given to the families to take care for their relatives there would be a win win situation, as the Government will surely be paying less if the elderly people will stay at home rather than in a elderly institution, and the elderly persons will surely be better if they live at their home environment.

“A study should be carried out to examine the feasibility of a plan that allows for Families to be given proper incentives to keep independent and semi-independent elderly relatives at home. This would help in alleviating the problems of overcrowding in hospitals.

3. “MUMN is also aware with the problem that has been present for these last four years regarding difficulties for Mater Dei Hospital employees to find parking space in the morning before they start their day duty. MUMN is aware that an area has been identified to build up another car park which will entail 396 parking spaces. MUMN urges the Government to hasten the process so that this problem will be eased for these employees.”

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