Gozo’s famous Blue Hole in Dwejra polluted by plastic waste

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Gozo's famous Blue Hole in Dwejra polluted by plastic wasteDavid Jones, who is the Director for Sustainability Strategies of the Plastic Oceans Foundation, said that the cave at the bottom of the Blue Hole in Gozo is polluted by plastic, “it is a spectacular dive. The enormous limestone arch and a collapsed cavern are well worth the trip. “But the cave at the bottom of the Blue Hole it is polluted … by plastic.”

Hundreds of pieces of floating plastic have somehow made their way into the cave where they cover the roof like some bizarre multi-coloured decoration. Without sunlight or the action of the waves they will remain in the cave for hundreds of years, he said.

“Another legacy of our addiction to plastic and our throwaway lifestyle,” said David. He added that a local dive company, Ocean Mysteries Diving, are hoping to organise a group of divers to clear up the plastic waste.

In June this year, TripAdvisor awarded a Certificate of Excellence to the Blue Hole – Dwejra in San Lawrenz, as having been recognised and reviewed by travellers on the world’s largest travel site, “as one of the very best dive sites.”

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    4 Responses

    1. Tony Nichols says:

      Unfortunately, it is not only the sea we need to worry about. The whole island of Gozo is blighted by rubbish, and it is not just left by inconsiderate visitors. Seemingly, there are no serious attempts by councils to clean up streets, or even educate people to keep the island clean. Small wonder the stuff finds its way into the sea.

    2. Helga says:

      This is only too true. The councils dont seem to be interested. Earlier this month I spoke to a couple from the UK who had climbed down and were clearing rubbish from a piece of land at the top of Xlendi on the back road to the Xlendi hotel. We need more people like these to take pride in our beautiful Island. Well done and thankyou to them.

    3. Roger says:

      I too saw the English couple clearing the rubbish in Xlendi and stopped to thank them. We all need to take a leaf out of their book. Let us all take pride in Gozo.

    4. chris says:

      As a regular visitor to your wonderful island it amazes me how little is done by the government to keep the place tidy. People will always fly tip and people will always discard rubbish with no consideration to the environment regardless of fines etc . Ramla Bay has been left in right state after the campers have gone and there’s even an old sofa to look at above you on the far side of the sand strip. I’ve picked up lots of glass bottles from this area and binned them. Just think what one of them would do if smashed on the beach.
      Clean the place up regular and keep Gozo looking beautiful

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