MUT appeals to Archbishop for Church Schools recruitment reform – Update

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MUT appeals to Archbishop for Church Schools recruitment reformUpdate from the Secretariat below: The MUT has appealed to Archbishop Scicluna to enter into serious discussions with the view, it said, of reforming the process of recruitment in Church Schools to “reflect honesty, transparency and good practice.”

The Union, while requesting an urgent meeting with the Archbishop, stated that this is being done after it has been informed about what appears to be “a spate of widespread abusive practices at a number of Church Schools when it comes to recruitment of personnel in teaching grades, especially teachers.”

During the last weeks the Union said that it has been informed by various members about “shambolic practices that are not only a shame on those schools and their leaders but also a far cry from the “Catholic practice” being suddenly expected from Church School teachers.”

The Union outlined what it describes as “a number of examples of abuse,” which the Union has listed,including “teachers being blatantly told during the interview that they are female and therefore they cannot expect to get employment in a particular school since the school wants male teachers; others being terminated on probation for no apparent reason except perhaps because the post was being reserved for someone else; other teachers being called for an interview and never given a result and afterwards discovering that the vacancy has been filled or the same call of applications is being repeated again; others recruited as supply and negated the opportunity to work with regular employment even though the vacancies are permanent; and other teachers of specific subjects terminated on probation and replaced by an unqualified priest or religious person.”

The MUT stated that it is “no wonder that certain Church Schools are avoiding collective central recruitment by the Secretariat for Catholic Education at all costs.”

It added, “the excuse of having a different ethos is just a smokescreen to cover up realities from schools wanting to avoid regularising these abusive practices. Members who spoke to the Union, in fact, stated that they were shocked by the treatment received by certain Church School leaders who should be leading by example.”

In conclusion, the Union noted that it is not excluding further action, which might include naming and shaming the schools that are resorting to these practices, the MUT said.

Reply to MUT on recruitment irregularities – Church

With reference to the press release issued by the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT), the Secretariat for Catholic Education has said that it would like to emphasise that it disapproves of any alleged irregular recruitment practices which may have been adopted by certain schools.

The Secretariat stated that it also “disapproves of the MUT’s practice of writing to the Archbishop and issuing a press release with the contents of the letter within two hours. It is worth noting that the Archbishop has already accepted to meet the MUT.”

“It is also disappointing to note that instead of adopting a collaborative approach, the Union is resorting to such practices and sweeping statements,” the Secretariat said.

“The MUT practice, to go public without discussing with the Secretariat the contents of said grievances, goes against the spirit of the MUT agreement with the Church Authorities which is aimed at finding amicable settlement of all complaints.”

The Secretariat concluded by saying that feels it should be informed by the Union in cases of alleged irregularities or unjust treatment, for immediate action to be taken.

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