SDM opposes the Government’s proposal for earlier school hours

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SDM opposes the Government's proposal for earlier school hoursStudenti Demokristjani Maltin has said in a statement today that although it is reasonable to say that school hours make a relative impact on the traffic congestion, there are wider issues evident by the continuation of the problem in the months of summer that need to be targeted before implementing any rush decisions.

SDM is referring to a Government White Paper that has been issued by the Ministry for Education and Employment, on school opening hours and traffic congestion. Full details of which can be found below.

The SDM said that, “we suggest that the Government focuses on bigger issues such as the public transport, and also offer incentives to promote car pooling and the use of other means of transportation such as motorbikes and bicycles.

“Whilst it is encouraging that traffic is not seen as a perception anymore, we believe that more reasonable and effective methods can be used to tackle this problem.”

The SDM concluded by saying, “this is why we fully agree with the proposition that a nationwide transportation-system for students is organised according to the localities rather than the individual schools.”

White Paper on School Opening Hours and Traffic Congestion

The Ministry for Education and Employment has said that this White Paper seeks to initiate a process of consultation on whether schools and school operational logistics can help minimise traffic congestion through improved school transport services.

It will have the following primary objectives:

Review current arrangements for school opening hours in State and Non-State schools and their effect (if any) on traffic

Assess and determine the causes and impact of traffic congestion resulting from school arrangements

Recommend proposals to address these issues taking into account the provision of education services and the commitment of working parents

The Ministry said that in preparation for this White Paper a number of meetings with relevant stakeholders were held in the past months.

Consultation Document – White Paper School Opening Hours and Traffic Congestion, is available for download here.

Submissions must be sent in through the following channels:

By email:, or by post to: Ministry for Education and Employment, Directorate for Educational Services, School Resources Department, Room 130, Great Seige Road, Floriana.

All input towards this consultation must be received by the 5th of October 2015.

The Ministry has advised that submissions will be published on the webpage of this consultation at the end of the scoping phase. The lead Ministry has sole discretion upon the publication of comments.

“Received contributions, together with the identity of the contributor, will be published on the Internet, unless the contributor objects to the publication of his/her personal data on the grounds that such publication would harm his/her legitimate interests. In this case the contribution may be published in anonymous form. Otherwise the contribution will not be published nor will, in principle, its content be taken into account.”

Any objections concerning the publication of personal data should be sent to the service responsible for the consultation on the following email address:

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