Gozo’s rehabilitated Qortin site, hailed a great environmental success

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Gozo's rehabilitated Qortin site, hailed a great environmental success“The rehabilitation of the former Gozo landfill site, Qortin, on the outskirts of Xaghra, together with work in progress on a water reservoir as part of the same project, is another success for WasteServ and a great achievement for the environment in Gozo.”

This was announced by the Minister of Sustainable Development, The Environment and Climate Change Leo Brincat, during visit today to the Qortin site, together with the Minister for Gozo Anton Refalo, as well as senior officials from WasteServ.

Minister Leo Brincat said that Qortin was used as a landfill site for almost forty years, from 1968-2004. The closure of the landfill site 11 years ago was only the first step towards achieving the goal reached today.

Minister Brincat also said that if there had not been the willingness, commitment and determination in the management of WasteServ to address this environmental wound, the situation would have continued to drag on for some time. This project is being carried out with the help of European funds.

“When we recall that domestic and commercial waste ended up in this landfill together with industrial waste, construction waste and even hazardous waste, we have a clear example of how environmental health became the ultimate winner today,” Minister Brincat said.

“We are not talking about a small parcel of land, but about five hectares of landfill, which is understood to have in the past, taken more than half a million tonnes of waste,” explained Minister Brincat.

Minister Leo Brincat added that “our duty is to look forward and not back, so that everything promised in the national plan on waste management is carried out in the shortest time possible and in the most efficient way.”

The Minister for Gozo Anton Refalo, spoke about the potential of WasteServ Gozo. He said that the Tal-Kus Civic Amenity Site project in Xewkija and Qortin in Xaghra, are major projects and will have an important impact on the island. The Minister also stressed for more cooperation between WasteServ and local councils.

Also well underway, are additional works, within the existing area of Waste Transfer Station, for the construction of reservoirs for rainwater.

Minister Anton Refalo spoke about the need for the protection of the environment, which should be used to attract more people to Gozo. He said that an educational campaign should be carried out on Gozo, aimed at encouraging waste management.

The Minister reiterated the full cooperation of the Ministry for Gozo in projects and initiatives in sustainable development in Gozo. “Qortin landfill was completely transformed and regenerated. by the rehabilitation and restoration of the site, through the planting of indigenous Maltese plants, and through ongoing maintenance and irrigation.”

WasteServ launched this project to improve the control of greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the production of leachate, which had raised concerns about the potential negative impact on human health and the environment,” said the Chairman of WasteServ, David Borg.

The reservoir, which will be used for the irrigation of the site, has a depth of 6m which, once operational, will have a capacity of 4,000 cubic meters. “We are proud that together with the Ministry of Sustainable Development, The Environment and Climate Change, we have given a boost to the Strategy for Waste Management. These projects are contributing to having a better and cleaner country, “said the CEO of WasteServ, Tonio Montebello.

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