40,000 tallinja bus cards have already been used at least once

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40,000 tallinja bus cards have already been used at least onceMalta Public Transport has said today that over 62,000 tallinja bus cards have been topped up successfully, of which 40,000 have already been used at least once on the bus.

Commercial Director Daniel Grech commented, “these are very encouraging numbers which continue to grow every day. At the same time, we have continued to experience an increase in registrations for the tallinja card with almost 160,000 registrations so far. We have delivered all cards that were registered until the 30th June and we are committed to deliver the remaining cards as soon as possible.”

He said that there could have been cases where the card could not be delivered for example because of a problem with the address.

“We therefore decided to launch a dedicated telephone line (22014824) and email (mycard@tallinja.com) just in case anyone that registered for their card before the 30th June has still not received it. A replacement card will be sent free of charge right away.”

However, readers who tried to call the dedicated number on Tuesday afternoon, to report the non-receipt of their cards, said that there is a recorded message advising that the number does not exist.

Some people may have experienced problems with their tallinja cards, either when topping up or when using them on the buses, Grech said. “We apologise for this inconvenience. We note that these are isolated cases and our technical people are working continuously to resolve these cases as they are reported, and where necessary a replacement card is being issued.”

Malta Public Transport continued to retain a team of people in the Valletta Terminal to assist with any enquiries, although it noticed an overall decrease in the number of enquiries over the last few days.

The use of the current two-hour ticket of 30c for Kartanzjan/Maltese 60+ ID Holders, KNPD Special ID Holders, and Children under 10 has reduced significantly over the last few days, but it will remain available on the bus for the time being to allow sufficient time for people to get used to the new system.

Grech reminded cardholders that they can top up their card easily on the website www.tallinja.com, at any post office, or using top-up vouchers available from over 300 outlets around Malta and Gozo. He also said that top-ups may take up to 24 hours to get registered on their card.

40 new buses have been put into service this weekend, increasing capacity on a number of routes, paving the way for the summer timetables that will start on Sunday, the 12th of July. A next batch of buses will arrive from Turkey in the comings weeks and will be put into service right away, Malta Public Transport said.

Photograph: Alain Salvary

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    7 Responses

    1. Eliza Portelli says:

      What about people who come to Malta to vacation there. Do they get a Tallinja card? Do you have to register for the card if you only in Malta for a short stay?

    2. Eliza Portelli says:

      Jane do you need to wait in line to get one of these cards because I heard of the trouble that happened last week while people were waiting in a long line?

    3. Jane says:

      Hi Eliza I imagine that if there are several people wanting to buy one of these cards they will be dealt with on a first come first served basis just as at any point of sale. What happened last week was a disgrace and has been widely condemned as such.

    4. Eliza Portelli says:

      I agree. What the lady did was wrong. She probably was waiting for a long time in the hot sun and when the man told everyone to form a line, she probably lost her place on line and lost it. If your stay is in Gozo, can you purchase the ticket from Gozo and where in Gozo can you purchase it from? Thank you!

    5. Jane says:

      Hi Eliza
      The website says they are available from their kiosks and other outlets. In Gozo this would mean the Bus Station in Victoria for sure – not clear which other places would sell them.

    6. Eliza Portelli says:

      Thanks alot Jane. I’ll go to Victoria.

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