‘Eat Fresh Fish Fair’ on Saturday evening in Mgarr, Gozo

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'Eat Fresh Fish Fair' on Saturday evening in Mgarr, GozoThe Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture is inviting the general public for a fish fair in Mgarr Gozo, this coming Saturday, the 27th of June, between 6pm and 10pm. The ‘Eat Fresh Fish Fair’ is part of a campaign aimed at promoting the benefits of eating fresh fish as part of a healthy diet.

The Fish Fair will include several activities such as information session on underutilised fish species including chub mackerel (kavall), saddled seabream (kahli), gilthead seabream (awrat), European seabass (spnott) and European hake (merluzz), culinary lessons on the species mentioned above, including also a step by step guide on how to cook easy and tasty recipes at home, a kids area and free tasting sessions of the specified fish above.

The Eat Fresh Fish campaign is an EU co-funded project led by the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture and supported by relevant stakeholders and project partners such as Ghaqda Koperattiva tas-Sajd, the Malta Chef Society, St. Peter Foundation, the Fishing Trawlers Association, fish4tomorrow, the Federation of Maltese Aquaculture Producers and Kooperattiva Nazzjonali tas-Sajd. The campaign is co-financed at 75% EU Funds and 25% National Funds.

Fresh fish is one of the healthiest foods suitable for all ages, and therefore it is an important part of everyone’s diet. Fresh fish is the major source of omega 3 fats, high in good quality protein and low in saturated fat. It is also rich in nutrients such as Vitamin D and selenium.

Photograph: Alain Salvary

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