Architects say it was a mistake to unveil plans for Gozo cruise terminal

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Gozo Resort & Cruise Terminal to be built at tas.Simar quarryUpdate: Architects Chapman Taylor in Milan, according to media reports, has said that it was a mistake to publish the plans for cruise liner terminal and yacht marina in Gozo. The project, the company said, is in fact still being adjudicated by the Government.

The news was announced on the company website two days ago, however, the company said it should have been for internal information only within the company.

This morning the Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, speaking during a press conference at the Castille, said that he could not understand what all the fuss was about, as it was well known that the Government had issued an expression of interest for a project of this type in Gozo.

However, he said that the the project for a Gozo Cruise liner terminal and yacht marina was still in the process of adjudication.

Chapman Taylor announced that it had been chosen to design an “innovative mixed-use project set within a former limestone quarry in tas-Simar, Gozo.”

It said that fourteen entries were shortlisted in the international competition to design a new resort and cruise terminal along this dramatic piece of coastline in Gozo “and it was Chapman Taylor’s resourceful proposal that beat the competition.”Gozo Resort & Cruise Terminal to be built at tas.Simar quarry“The scheme comprises of a new cruise terminal building and contemporary yacht marina, residential apartments, villas, luxury hotel and retail and leisure facilities all with panoramic views of the ocean. Chapman Taylor’s Milan team meticulously designed the new development to blend into the Mediterranean landscape, carefully manipulating the roughness of the coastline overhanging the site,” the company said.Gozo Resort & Cruise Terminal to be built at tas.Simar quarry“The land was previously occupied by an old quarry, which meant a complex and challenging task for the architects to deliver a contemporary design that still retains the delicate and harsh beauty of the surroundings.”

Chapman Taylor said that “the new marina will be excavated and settled in a limestone cove eroded by both nature and man, the apartments will emerge from the cliffs and their facades built from the same rock, the villas within their terraced green gardens will cascade down to the sea following the natural slope of the headland.”Gozo Resort & Cruise Terminal to be built at tas.Simar quarryThe project, estimated to cost €300 million, is expected to start next year and will be completed in 2022.

“Essentially, the rock itself has enforced the architecture and acts as the most important construction material that the buildings are merged into,” the company concluded.

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    47 Responses

    1. Eliza says:

      Its time for all the people in Gozo to put their foot down and demand that Gozo remains the same. The entire island is being destroyed. Wake up! Nothing will be as beautiful as what Gozo looks like now. Leave Gozo alone. If this project goes through, Gozo will look ugly and over crowded. Protest in front of Muscats house! these people are not from Gozo and should mind their own business.

    2. Eliza says:

      A very well educated gentleman said that when he visited Malta, it reminded him of being surrounded by prisons because he said that everywhere he went it was overcrowded with buildings that were shaped like prisons. Shame on the people who are allowing this to happen and now are destroying Gozo.

    3. Eliza says:

      Gozo needs to have an open view not a closed up view. When you build the above project, everyones view will be blocked. Its time for Malta to get out of the EU and its time for this president to step down

      • Ray Pizer says:

        If you bother to look at the photo mock ups you will see that all the buildings are below cliff top level and only visible from sea level, so no ones view will be blocked!!

    4. Eliza says:

      If this goes through, all the people in Gozo will be fenced in. The feeling everyone including tourist will feel is clostrophobia Look at the above picture which will show you that you are unable to see any view past that tall monstrous building.

    5. Paul Cauchi says:

      A lot better than the dump that exists now exciting news for Gozo for sure progress in the right direction hopefully than I get to Eliza comments and I am left speechless .

    6. Carmel says:

      This is surely something sustainable as it replaces an existing quarry in Qala, which has over the decades ruined already the landscape.

      • Sam says:

        The quarry and surrounds should have been rehabilitated by the owner/s, at their expense, unless it was suitable for landfill, soon after being decommissioned.That is the general practice in educated nations.


    7. Jokeeffe says:

      Why not just rename the Island Benidorm- that’s what it will look like. Love to know how many Gozo residents will benefit from this.

    8. Jason says:

      Looks like Hondoq`s proposal has been shifted to this quarry. Am I right?????

    9. Eliza says:

      Fact. This project will cause triple the crowd and triple the pollution in Gozo. Gozo is also very small. When you do construction, the construction will make Gozo look
      twice as small. Just look at the outside of peoples houses in Gozo. All the pollution has caused peoples houses on the outside to turn black. This beauty in gozo was because of its view. Gozo will now be overbuilt. I

    10. Eliza says:

      Jokeefe is right.

    11. Eliza says:

      Gozo will become Paceville. But hey, if your into noise, traffic and pollution and like feeling clostrophobic, thats what Gozo residents will be signing up for by allowing this project to happen. Theres no going back once its done. Gozo will be forever changed.

    12. Eliza says:

      The beauty of Gozo was its open space. Gozo will be destroyed with construction.

    13. Joseph says:

      So over 5 years of disturbance required to build this with countless trucks carrying stone ploughing through Qala along with the associated dust and noise for residents. All to have more day-trip tourists gawping from open top buses. Time to move to Sicily…

    14. Charlotte says:

      Please stop this development, Gozo is beautiful and the whole reason why people love it so much is because is it UNSPOILT! By building this eyesore it will change the whole character of the island and the only people who will benefit from it will be the developers and the cruise organisers and a few tourist shops. It will harm the environment, upset the residents and turn Gozo into a day trip spectacle. If anyone out there has any sense they will put a stop to this now.

    15. Eliza says:

      Gozo is very tiny .The spills from this project and the pollution from this marina will
      affect all surrounding beaches.

    16. Eliza says:

      If this project goes through, people who live in Gozo will have a view of buildings instead of the beautiful sunny and fresh air they see and feel now. Gozo will also go from a quiet island into a very noisy one. If people want a marina, they should go to the existing marinas in Malta that ruined that part of Malta. No more construction! The island of Gozo is going down by people who wanted to pocket money.

    17. Eliza says:

      Step down Muscat if you said that you are not able to understand what the fuss is about.

    18. Joseph says:

      Eliza – I totally agree with you. Use other marinas. Those who will receive the biggest financial gains from this project will probably not live on Gozo anyway.

    19. Eliza says:

      Yes, Joseph and we should get free paint to paint the outside of our houses that have been blackened by car and bus exhaust. If a marina is built with villas and hotels like they want, you will no longer be able to have an open view. Construction only makes small islands smaller. People will feel clostrophobic

    20. Joe says:

      Eliza, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about and have no basis to your arguments whatsoever.

    21. Eliza says:

      Joe, it doesn’t sound like your going to get what you want. The people in Gozo are not stupid enough too destroy Gozo with construction.

    22. Joe says:

      Eliza, unlike you, many Gozitans are aware that Gozo will become a large elderly home if no real investment is seen in the island. This investment will help prevent that by providing further jobs for young Gozitans to take up in management, tourism and the catering sector mainly.

      Apart from this, the project is in no way an eyesore. Reason for this being that currently, a ugly quarry is there and the project would change the quarry into a beautiful small tourist destination. There will not be any towering buildings as plans show they are all within the height of the rock itself. Apart from this, the area is completely cut off and there is no form development in the area and therefore Gozo will not be “turned into a noisy island” simply because a marina is built.

      This type of thinking and closed-mindedness is what will lead to the demise of Gozo. If you want to see Gozo grow to become an island capable of providing for its people, you can’t just let it be as it is. You need some form of investment, and investing in a yatch marina of this scale in a QUARRY which is an eyesore will not harm the natural environment but would only help regenerate the area.

    23. Millie says:

      Very true, Eliza doesn’t even live here

    24. Eliza says:

      Joe, you seem to be alone in your views. If you have a house knock it down and keep knocking it down if you enjoy construction so much but when it comes to Gozo leave it alone. Its not yours to construct. Don’t mess up Gozo’s residents views and peace just because your don’t want this. If you don’t like Gozo the way it is, its simple, leave. Nothing could compare to a beautiful and open view. The only thing that is destroying Gozo is the pollution and there will be twice as much polluction if this marina is constructed.All the beaches will be affected as well.

    25. Joe says:

      Eliza, a few suggestions:

      1) If you don’t live in Gozo, please stop acting like you can understand the hardship that Gozitans have to endure on a daily basis due to not having adequate work in Gozo.
      2) Your views ARE NOT everyones views. Gozo is beautiful, Gozo is peaceful, and this project will not take that away. You have no idea what you are talking about as you are not basing your statements on facts, were as I am completely aware of the Gozitan lifestyle, difficulties and tourist figures.
      3) This project WILL NOT harm the Gozitan country side, as it will replace a decommissioned quarry.

      It is UNTRUE to say that all beaches will be affected and that Gozo will have twice as much as pollution. Where are you getting these facts from? Why is it that Mgarr doesn’t pollute all the beaches then?

      Please, do not pretend you know what you are talking about when you clearly don’t.

    26. Eliza says:

      Joe, how the heck do you know where I am currently living? I could be right under your nose for all you know. Like I said if you enjoy construction, keep knocking your own house down but don’t mess with Gozo. Its always the rich people in Gozo who claim they need more money. All they have to do is sell a quarter of their land
      and not even the house they live in and they will have a vast amount of money. Do not destroy the environment for money or any excuse you can come up with.

      • Ray Pizer says:

        So, have you moved to Gozo from New York now, as that is where you said you lived in previous posts?

      • Joe says:

        See Eliza, as I said, you have NO basis for your arguments. You simply are acting egoistically to safeguard you own interests, but you cannot see the bigger picture. As i have said, and many others are saying, thid construction is not going to harm the environment as it currently is a derelict quarry. Gozo needs investment, and not people like you trying to scare away sensible investment.

    27. Kerry says:

      The area is not being used by the public, the proposed project will not be seen from the land and Hondoq will be spared, so far so good. Cruise ships already anchor off Hondoq/Comino so there will no added pollution from these.
      But the years of building and the disruption that will cause is of real concern, as is the possibility of knock-ons (that is, the project is a trojan as mentioned by others).

    28. Eliza says:

      No construction on Gozo. Gozo is beautiful as is. You want it to turn into what Malta is today, filled with extra noise, traffic polution and crime. You got some nerve to say that if you don’t construct Gozo that Gozo will be for the elderly. Gozo
      has always been a peaceful place where the elderly retire. We don’t want that to change. If you don’t like it, move. Its as simple as that. A marina will only attract alot of noise like a bunch of teenagers having
      wild parties like you see now in the marinas in Malta. The only thing your interested in is making a profit at the expense of destroying Gozo land.

    29. Eliza says:

      Gozo has always been known for a retirement destination. It angers many people that people want to change Gozo into something else. We must put our foot down and not allow this to happen. If Gozo is changed, there is no going back.

    30. Joe says:

      Eliza, you are so wrong! I live in both Malta and Gozo and can safely say that a marina DOES not attract teenagers and a bunch of noise due to having wild parties. This is utterly ridiculous and I am not sure what you are basing your reasoning on.

      Apart from this, as a Gozitan, I am in favour of sustainable development of Gozo, and this is surely a sustainable plan.

      Gozo CANNOT remain a place to retire. Most Gozitans agree that Gozo cannot remain BEHIND the rest of the world. So, if YOU don;t like it, MOVE. Its simple as that. You cannot stop from a country or island to evolve and grow simply because you are selfish enough to want the island as a retirement home.


    31. Eliza says:

      Are you kidding me? Teenagers on wild and loud boat parties is a very common scene in Malta. Many are from other countries on holiday, etc

      • Ray Pizer says:

        Those are local tour boats operated by and encouraged by Maltese and many of there passengers are locals. They are not ‘Cruise Ships’ !

    32. Eliza says:

      For everybody reading this just look at all the Malta boat party videos. You will see many of them. Is this what you want in Gozo???? What nerve, those who want to turn it from being a serence beautiful island where people seek to retire into a loud island ruled by party seekers

    33. Eliza says:

      Gozitans, say no to development in Gozo. Gozo is being taken over by others who want to promote their businesses. Stand strong Gozitans and don’t allow this to happen to the beautiful island.

    34. Ci says:

      A cruse ship has a capacity of up to 5000 passengers.When one docks it is staggering the amount of taxis and buses that are there to meet it.This amount of traffic could not go through A small village.There is noting on the plan about what they will do to build new roads?

      • Kerry says:

        I think the design is for only small cruise ships, maybe 1000 pax, about the same as the ferry.

    35. Eliza says:

      Look at the magnificent parks in Gozo. What makes them beautiful is the unobstructed view of Mgarr.

      • Kerry says:

        The view of Mgarr is very photogenic, the fishing boats, the yachts in the marina and the ferries, but I suppose we can do without all these unnecessary ‘modern’ artifacts and leave the place natural and unspoiled. Magnificent Parks Gozo?

    36. Ray Pizer says:

      I’ve yet to see a ‘magnificent park’ in Gozo, There a couple of places that have been tidied up and have a few seats with a nice view over the harbour but they are not parks!
      Nor do I see how small to medium cruise ships visiting Gozo would spoil the views.

      I don’t think Gozo would feature on many cruise ships itinerary anyway.

    37. Aneth says:

      WOW beautifull project !!!! I only want one thing to suggest.A parking with benches etc.on top of the kliff would be very nice for locals to sit in the evening. @Eliza; How come you are not aware of that gozitans love to have a vieuw at the harbour with its boats and lights in the evening??Mgarr is very crowded with people making BBQ or just watching the things that are going on at that time and obviously taking the polution for granted.

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