April’s weather was cooler and drier than the climate norm

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April's weather was cooler and drier than the climate normLast month, the average maximum temperature across the Maltese Islands reached 19.7°C while the average minimum temperature fell to 12.1°C. Normally, the mean maximum temperature stands at 19.8°C while the mean minimum temperature is 12.4°C, the Met Office said today.

The warmest day was the 18th when thermometers peaked at a maximum of 26.1°C. Meanwhile, the coolest night was the 11th with an extreme minimum temperature of 7.4°C.

Malta saw a total of 285.2 hours of bright sunshine last April, with an average of 9.5 hours of bright sunshine per day. The brightest day was the 28th, seeing a total of 12.4 hours of sun. Meanwhile, the dullest day was the 20th receiving only 5.2 hours of bright sunshine.

For the major part, wind blew from a Northwest direction at an average speed of 8.6 knots. This was lower than the normal speed of 9.5 knots. The wind was in the light speed bracket for 69 per cent of the time, while variable for 7 per cent of the time.

In April, the highest gust recorded on the 1st, reaching a total of 45 knots from the Northwest direction.

The mean relative humidity for Malta in April was 75 per cent which is slightly less than the norm of 77 per cent.

Shallow fog was seen on the 16th while one day of thunder was reported on the 24th.

The warmest April day ever recorded in Malta was thirty years ago, when temperatures soared to 30.5°C on the 9th.

Meanwhile, the coldest night ever recorded was in 1956, when temperatures dropped 4.4°C to on the 10th day. The strongest wind gust ever measured was 56 knots on April 15th 1969.11.4°C. The wettest March on record occurred in 1925 with a total of 178.0mm, while the driest one was in 1977 with just 0.40mm.

Photograph: Alain Salvary

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