Disastrous state of the road to Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay – Readers Letter

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Disastrous state of the road to Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay - Readers Letter“Referring to the story ‘Asphalting works underway on road near to Qala Primary School’ published by your portal on 19 February 2015. This € 4,155,056.67 project does not only involve resurfacing of the road near the Qala Primary school, but also the road to Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay, which currently is in a disastrous state as seen in this picture.

The Gozo Ministry and the Qala Local Council must take notice of the bad state of these roads especially in Qala since this is causing an inconvenience to the people living in Qala and nearby.”

John Falzon


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    31 Responses

    1. Ed says:

      Well said, what i like to know is where are the electorate mayor of Qala now, sure they spent time knocking on locals’s doors collecting votes, but WHERE ARE THEY NOW. they are all mouth & no action, i am a retired resident in Qala and i will never ever vote in any local election ever, it is frankly a waste of time. I think the present Mayor should step down, frankly i do not think any of them are capable of putting their money where their mouth is. End of:-

      • Mano says:

        Could not agree with you more.

      • Local observer says:

        @Ed & Mano. Not voting is not the solution. There are many other candidates on the list. I am sure some of them have Qala in their interest. However ALL of them must not lose time on personal attacks to each other.

    2. Bernard says:

      Can`t imagine how people fall for the same promises every time an election comes. Your mayor was more interested how to be elected than looking after Qala residents. Qala residents you got what you deserved.

    3. Ray Pizer says:

      The road works finished between Qala and Ghajnsielem weeks ago and the road was open but not resurfaced, then, presumably because of complaints, instead of finishing the resurfacing they simply put up no entry signs at each end!

      No doubt the plan is to wait until peak tourist season and then start doing the work to finish the road!
      That will probably apply to the road through San Lawrenz as well.

    4. Carl says:

      The 1st bit to be done was outside the council offices to look pretty for the photo shoots (and even that hasn’t been finished properly yet).The rest of the roads are in an appalling state, with no sign of the total resurfacing that was promised by the mayor before the elections – just patch upon patch as always.( @Ray, why wait for the summer if they can wait til the next elections approach?)

    5. James A. Tyrrell says:

      So how come there is no comment here from the Qala Mayor? He was all mouth before the election but I guess now he doesn’t give a damn. I fail to see why the people voted him in again anyway as he had already proven himself to be useless. If he had any self respect he would step down as unfit for purpose and hand over to his deputy who actually lives in Qala and cares about the place!

    6. Joseph B says:

      We the residents of qala got what we deserverd . We had people who really loved qala,lived all their life in qala and tried to kick them out(with no success from their partners) Some where impressed by parties, but now the parties are over and it`s too late . Hudu pjacir bil pjaciri li gejtu imweghda imbaghad l-ghada ma rajnih imkien aktar . Haqqek ja poplu la int HSIEBEK FL-INTERESSI PERSUNALI

    7. Local observer says:

      That’s why nothing can ever happen in Malta & Gozo, including Qala. Everytime we end up with personal offences and judging individuals. Mr Tyrrel, you have been attacking the mayor from the very first year of his appointment. Are you doing any good? I don’t think so. Have you heard ALL bells? Neither you did, nor did I – and its not my interest. I am not here to judge and offend, I use my vote to choose without blaming and doing any shows. Is everyone who was elected capable? If not, the Qala people might not have chosen them. Will these years be successful? Who knows, but time for next election will come again. I hope all elected candidates will work TOGETHER – same and different parties – for ONE good – Qala people. I hope it will NOT end up again on individualism, blames, attacks, BUT UNITY!

    8. Rummiena mill Qala says:

      @ Local Observer. I fully gree wit joseph. everyon nows who works for himself especially when one tried to fly away now that we hardly see the major not like befor especially the two monts before the election parties free drinks and haven on earth was promised .

      • Local observer says:

        If you decided your voting outcome based on the pre-election free drinks and the promising of heaven on earth, then definitely we have more serious trouble in Qala than the bumpy roads!

    9. Rummiena mill Qala says:

      @Local Observer. I certainly did not vote for those that organised parties in the last month . Neither did I vote for those that knocked a month before the election on my door to see what I need. I voted to who really loved qala and that is the two paul`s

    10. Local observer says:

      @Rummiena mill Qala and all. Good. As long as you voted for the ones you firmly believe in, no one can contest your choice. It is your right, and your opinion. Without going into the context myself (not to do any bias), I beg with Qala’s interest in mind to now respect what the others have chosen. Those who have voted, if they now know they have chosen the wrong candidates, they can only learn from the mistakes and save the lesson for next time’s election. Else, as Qala locals, we must solely debate the situations and not attack personally. This will do no good.

    11. Rummiena mill Qala says:

      @ Local Observer you said quote to now respect what the others have chosen. Are you referring to those that have voted in qala for the first time because they changed their id card to vote here????

    12. Rummiena mill Qala says:

      @Carmel Ghall barriera ta hondoq qed tirreferi? Jekk iva titnaddaf u issir bhala park u jinholoa xoghol habib ghax it-turisti li jigu xoghol jfisser wkoll. Xi trid mela li jinbnew il barrieri ta hondo u jigrilna bhall ma gara lil ta ghajnsielem? ma baqalomx fejn jghumu. Iftah ghajnejk habib u ara x`gara f`postijiet ohra u ahna tal qala nafyh kollu dan inklus int

      • Carmel says:

        Mela rummiena mil Qala ibqa itghaxxaq bil barriera abbandunata u halli liz-zghazagh Ghawdxin jibqghu jitilqu lejn Malta ghaliex ma isibux xoghol f’Ghawdex. Ghawdex qieghed dejjem jixjieh u fi zmien qasir ser imut. Hares lejn Malta ix-xoghol dejjem jizdied ghaliex hemm kwalunke zvilupp minn lukandi godda sa progetti ohra li kienu u ser ikunu ta beneficcju ghal poplu Malti.
        Iftah ghajnejk u thallix lil Ghawdex imut.

    13. Rummiena mill Qala says:

      Allura il barrira ta hondoq ser issalva l-impjiegi ghall ghawdxin? li kieku tahseb ftit kieku ma titkellimx hekk ara wahda x`gara il lukanda ta San lawrenz, ta chambray u elf haga ohra weghdi qabel u wara milli qeghedna ma hemm xejn . Inti ghandek bzonn tiftah ghajnejk habib ahna il qala ilna li ftahna ghajnejna meta ivvutajna bi hgarna le u dan allura ma konniex nafu x`qed naghamlu

      • Joseph says:

        Rummuiena you are 100 per cent right. Don`t waste ur time trying to open carmel`s eyes. everyone knows what developers want to do for hondoq just make as much money and then we can all kiss goodbye to bb`qs down there also the social aspect needs to be adressed because it looks like carmel is only talking about pounds shillings and pence. That`s not the way we should be treated

      • Carmel says:

        Kif inhi iillum barriera bla sens zgur li mix ser tohloq impjiegi.
        Jien ma nitkellimx ta egoist bhal uhud li qedin jejdu li ma jridux zvilupp il Hondoq ghaliex jibzew li jiehdulom il bajja. Jien irrid li ikun ghawn zvilup f’Ghawdex bhal ma hemm f’Malta biex Ghawdex ma imutx mewta naturali. Bil blat u gremxul zgur li mux ser jinholoq xoghol ghaz-zghazagh Ghawdxin.

    14. Local observer says:

      @Rummiena mil Qala: if you know about any illegalities that were done during the voting – you are being irresponsible to simply stay writing behind masked names without reporting to the authorities or the newspapers. My point was not to justify anything, my point is that people who simply criticize (especially on personal grounds) without trying to do something to change the situation themselves by sacrificing their own time to help others (like all the councillors are doing), are being unjust – more unjust than someone who is trying and may not be succeeding. And if any of the councillors are pulling the rope independently of the others, this is also doing wrong. We voted for one council at the end of the day – whether blue, red, architects, carpenter, students, bankers, managers, officers, lecturers, etc. What the council is doing wrong is being done by ALL councillors, no matter what is written on facebook. What the council is doing right is being done by ALL councillors, no matter what is written on facebook. Those of them who feel one person is leading without their consultation, should take actions not write statuses. Else we should have all abstained from voting to deliver a message. Mistakes were done in the past, mistakes are being done now, mistakes are to be done tomorrow. Those who think they are above the human beings and do not do any mistake, should contest next election and write in clarified words that they are never going to do any mistakes or specify on whom they are going to blame any possible mistakes that are to be done.

      @Joseph: Joseph, camels are still seen in herds across their natural habitat – so you are using the wrong expression if you are trying to cause further division across the Qala community.

    15. Jason says:

      Local observerall of gozo had less people voting including xaghra Xaghra from 7 councillors went down to 5. And QALA INCREASED BY AROUND 300??? jUST GET THE ELECTORAL REGISTER AND SEE FOR YOURSELF IF THER WER PEOPLE THAT DECIDED TO LIVE IN QALA FOR A FEW MONTHS.

      • Local observer says:

        @Jason: Now what’s done is done. Can we change it by seeing the register? Can we change it by argumenting on here? No. You know what – we have gave support to the two parties – which should not be our interest! Now let’s keep on living with it, and next time – we will end up again voting for the parties! Malta and Gozo will stay as it was back in the olden!

    16. Bradly says:

      We spent hard earned cash to come over to Gozo and visit Hondoq for the first time last tuesday 2nd June, when we got there we were told by a taxi driver that the road is blocked and cannot proceed further, you can imagine how disappointed and disgusted we were by the lack of proper information by our tourist representative and also by the Malta tourist board. What we like to know is where can we make an official complain and possibly claim for lose of our holiday time on the island. We shall not return Gozo minister.

      • Ray Pizer says:

        Whilst I agree the state of the roads leading to Hondoq is disgusting I think it may have been a taxi driver who could not be bothered as we have been to Hondoq twice in the last week. We went through from Nadur as the council still have ‘No Entry’ sign at both ends of the Ghajnsielem to Qala road instead of just finishing the surfacing.

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        Those are probably the same ‘No Entry’ signs that were there last October! The re-surfacing of this bit of road is turning into the same stupid saga we had a couple of years back at Xlendi.

      • Aneth says:

        Sad story Bradly,only the fact that you considder your holiday ruined by a closed road.what about the nice and helpful people ,the nice food and the most beautiful landscapes,bays and lots of other things.I guess you just don”t have that “gozo spirit”otherwise you sure would have taken all that bumpy roads for granted.

    17. Charlotte says:

      Surely Bradley didn’t come to Gozo purely to only visit Hondoq? There are so many beautiful places to see and swim, what about Ramla or San Blas or Dahlet Qorot or Mgarr ix Xini or Xlendi. He didnt give the island much of a chance. I agree that the roadworks across the island are very annoying, and it does seem like every village has some kind of work going on and not proceeding very quickly on any of them from my experience. Situation’s like this will put off tourists, but our sympathies should be with the residents and business owners who have to live with the disturbance every day and are losing money and customers while the disruption continues. Xaghra, Victoria and Nadur are a complete mess, the sooner the works are finished the better for all of us.

    18. mario says:

      I use to recieve email when labour come to gov we do better,where are they now

    19. Concerned Citizen says:

      Just like to bring to the attention of Qala council, why on earth are there so many raised > man holes < starting by the Qala council all the way down leading to the ferry, i see so many cars zig zagging to avoid the thump that one day there is going to be an accident, then the council will decided to finish the job properly. Just a thought as they come down speeding like nobody's business.

    20. george palmer says:

      Somebody is making a hell of a lot of money on roadworks. The road to Hondoq was resurfaced in 2014-15 and now it’s all fallen to bits. Surely we should expect the roads to be roadworthy for more than just four or five years. It looks like another totally botched job.

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