Second Call for ‘It-Tahrig Muzikali taz-Zghazagh fil-Kazini tal-Banda’

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Second Call for 'It-Tahrig Muzikali taz-Zghazagh fil-Kazini tal-Banda'Agenzija Zghazagh in collaboration with the Band Clubs Association is launching the second call for the 4th edition of the ‘It-Tahrig Muzikali taz-Zghazagh fil-Kazini tal-Banda’ scheme, as part of its Empowerment Programme.

This scheme is managed by the agency through the Parliamentary Secretariat for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport.

Band Clubs in various localities around Malta and Gozo provide young people with the opportunity to learn and develop their musical skills.

The main aim behind this scheme is to provide financial assistance to local Band Clubs to come up with initiatives and proposals which encourage young people to learn how to play a musical instrument and/or improve the learning services that are already being provided.

They can also come up with sustainable and innovative initiatives to develop and /or upgrade their current teaching facilities and services.

The chosen proposals must meet the following criteria; they must directly reflect the aim of this scheme, they must be clear and written in a logical manner, the initiatives must be innovative and creative, a realistic plan of the intended initiative must be presented, the initiatives must be sustainable and continuous and the budget proposed must be realistic and reflect the music tuition.

The Band Clubs may choose from two categories of financial assistance; category A – which has an allocation of maximum €2,000 per initiative and category B – which has an allocation of maximum of €4,000 per initiative.

The deadline for this call is Friday, the 26th of June at midday.

Applications for the scheme ‘It-Tahrig Muzikali taz-Zghazagh fil-Kazini tal-Banda’ can be downloaded here.

Guidelines for the scheme can be downloaded here.

For more information kindly contact Agenzija Zghazagh on 22586700 or on

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