Participation by mature workers will contribute to economical growth – Caruana

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Participation by mature workers will contribute to economical growth - CaruanaDuring her intervention at a National Trade Union Forum seminar on Active Ageing, organised by the President of Malta Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, the Parliamentary Secretary for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing Justyne Caruana, emphasised that the mentioned ageing population in Malta will bring with it various challenges – especially in the employment sector.

She reiterated that Malta has the lowest rate of workers between 55 and 64 years of age in comparison with other countries, especially amongst women. “The global rate of older workers in Malta increased only by 3% between 2002 and 2012, compared to the average 11% of Member States in the European Union.”

The Parliamentary Secretary explained that a more active participation of maturer workers will contribute in the economical growth of the country, in the sufficiency of pensions, and will also help manage in a better way, the weight of social protection.

“This participation will also lead to personal gains amongst which, a better financial situation, a more active social life and help through which the person remains mentally and physically active.”

She said that her Parliamentary Secretariat is already working hard in favour of the promotion of the principles of health and safety at the workplace in order to increase the number of maturer workers until and even after, the age of retirement.

The National Strategic Policy for Active Ageing in Malta, adopted by this Government, encourages maturer persons to remain in the employment sector as part of the EU agenda on ‘active ageing.’

Dr Caruana mentioned one of the topmost priorities that being of better working conditions for maturer persons, and she also mentioned the reconciliation between work as well as the needs related to health care.

“Besides this, there is the need for employment services for maturer persons, and therefore a better vocational guide is needed for the percentage and number of of these employees in the employment sector to rise.”

The Parliamentary Secretary expressed her satisfaction at the commitment shown by trade unions for the opening of collective negotiations that support the needs of maturer persons.

“This is due to the fact that the challenge cannot just be tackled by the Government and emphasised on the importance that all the stakeholders involved have to be included in this change.”

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