A Creative Partnership for Governance: Training needs in Local Government

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A Creative Partnership for Governance: Training needs in Local GovernmentDuring the launch of the report ‘A Creative Partnership for Governance,’ Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government, Stefan Buontempo stressed the importance of the various reports currently being commissioned, giving a clear picture of the situation in the Local Governance sector at present, as well as making recommendations for improvement of this sector.

The Department for Local Government is currently running with the implementation of projects co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism entitled ‘A Creative Partnership for Governance.’

This project is being carried out with experts commissioned by the Council of Europe, following an exercise of the compilation of information on training needs in the area of Local Governance. Dr. Cezary Trutkwoski, expert appointed by the Governing Council of Europe, presented a report with a number of proposals for the National Training Strategy.

Parliamentary Secretary Buontempo explained the objectives indicated in the report proposed for this National Training Strategy :

1) Interventions to ensure greater transparency on creating things;

2) The reorganisation of the way people are engaged with the same Local Councils;

3) Increased coordination, cooperation and respect between the elected members and the administrative part of the Local Councils, Regional Committees and Management Committees;

4) Greater collaboration between all those involved in the management of the Councils and the Department for Local Government;

5) Less interference from the central authorities, organised initiatives at local level;

6) Increase knowledge regarding principles of good practice and effective local governance;

7) And finally helping counsellors improve their knowledge on matters concerning legal, financial and planning.

The purpose of all this, concluded Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Buontempo, is that Local Councils are better structured to be able to connect to their residents and offer a better quality of life.

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