GRTU Pharmacies Section agree on way forward on opening hours

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GRTU Pharmacies Section agree on way forward on opening hoursGRTU has said that pharmacies are currently looking at a request by the Authorities “to increase opening hours so that the consumer would be better served.”

The Union said that it has found that not all pharmacies agree with this request, “however the absolute majority are ready to increase their opening hours as long as this is comprehensible and where they feel it will make a significant contribution to giving a better service to their clients.”

A survey commissioned by Browns Pharmacy has shown that consumers are very satisfied by the level of service offered to them by the Pharmacies. Understandably however, when asked if they would like the service to be extended, respondents replied in the positive, the GRTU said.

Pharmacies that are against extending their opening hours mostly are concerned on the viability of opening during extended hours, the Union said, “This is more pronounced in certain areas of Malta.”

Finding a happy medium between the requirements of consumers and the realities of pharmacies is not an easy task, the GRTU said. “The pharmacies however agreed that the roster could be extended to cover Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, including Christmas and New Year, so that pharmacies that are on duty, according to the roster, would open the extended hours.”

In addition to this and to increase the viability of opening on extended hours, all pharmacies, including those within Special Designated Areas would fall within the roster. In order for the initiative to make sense the districts would need to reorganised so that consumers are reached better and also decrease the chances of overlapping, the GRTU concluded.

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