Police warn against ‘phishing’ messages being sent through email

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Police warn against ‘phishing’ messages being sent through emailThe Police have advised that it has been made aware of e-mail messages that are currently being circulated and which are intended to gather log-in credentials from unsuspecting users. These e-mail messages are known as ‘phishing’ messages.

Users receiving these e-mail messages are generally informed that they have been sent a document which has been uploaded to the internet. The users are, then, directed to click on a link in order an provide their credentials in order to download the document they have been sent. In some cases similar e-mail messages are received from e-mail accounts belonging to person(s) known to the recipient whose account has been compromised.

Users who follow these steps would be providing details that allows unauthorised third parties to access their accounts and information.

The Police reiterated its advice to internet users to question the veracity of messages they receive prior to following instructions in these messages and/or engaging in correspondence with the senders of suspicious messages.

“Users who suspect that they may have unknowingly provided their account credentials, at least, change their password and check their account settings for any unauthorised activity.”

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