MUT challenges childcarers recognition at Foundation for Educational Services

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MUT challenges child carers recognition at Foundation for Educational ServicesThe Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) said today that it has filed a judicial protest against the Foundation for Educational Services (FES), the Ministry for Education and Employment and another union to stop negotiations on the general collective agreement currently being negotiated which included childcarers.

“The MUT believes that childcarers employed at the FES in the Early Childhood sector carry out duties which include educational aspects and conditions should therefore reflect this,” it said.

The Union stated that “childcarers employed with the FES currently have appalling conditions which are creating many issues, both to employed childcarers and to the sector in general. As predicted by the MUT way back in December, these conditions led to an exodus of childcarers into other jobs.”

“Conditions related to shifts, hours, miserable pay and treatment of staff (among others) have reduced child care centres to micro industrial enterprises,” it said.

The MUT pointed that “after years of operation without any change for better on these appalling conditions, childcarers have started joining the MUT out of their own initiative since they felt that they will be better represented by the leading Trade Union in Malta representing the whole spectrum of Maltese Educators and Allied Professionals.”

“This led to the Union to register a demand for recognition of the grade. Despite this, negotiations still continued with another Union. Meanwhile the MUT commits itself to start discussions immediately to work with all concerned once it is formally recognised as the Union with the majority of FES child carers and therefore with the right and responsibility to represent them,” concluded the MUT.

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