Proposals to sanction illegalities is “defeatist approach” – NTM

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Proposals to sanction illegalities is "defeatist approach" - NTMNature Trust (Malta) has said in a statement today, that it is very concerned on the news reported in one of the local media that MEPA is proposing to the national authorities to sanction most of the illegalities that have happened in planning over the last years.

The environmental NGO said it considers this move as “a sort of defeatist approach by MEPA, who is in the end admitting that it simply is unable to enforce any planning regulations in the Maltese Islands when it was set up to do just this apart from making policies etc.”

NTM added that it feels that such proposals simply are “an insult to all law abiding citizens and is only portraying the message that everyone should break the law, as after ten years the Government of the time, or any national authority will issue a pardon, or sanction to all those that simply decided to ignore the country legislations and proceeded illegally.”

With Government after Government, Malta has been witnessing such pardons on a regular basis be it VAT, Electricity abuse, illegal buildings and activities etc,” said NTM. “These regular pardons are simply defeating the scope and only encouraging abuse.”

The NGO stated that it “demands that authorities stand up for what they have been set up to do and enforce. If they are unable to do this then they should look into why they are failing. and solve their problem rather than allow illegalities to become legal.

“Malta is a developed country and as such one hopes they behave as such. It is for this reason that NTM appeals to Government not to accept this proposal but rather seek why MEPA is failing the Country,” concluded NTM.

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