Total refusal of Hondoq development hoped for – SOS Hondoq

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Total refusal of Hondoq development hoped for - SOS HondoqReaders Letter – “This week, the Chairman of MEPA stated on RTK radio, that work is continuing on the Development Planning Application Report (DPAR) for the Qala Creek project application, and that hopefully it should be put to the Board for their final decision by April.

It is now more than twelve years since the submission of the first application, and Moviment Harsien Hondoq is looking forward to another recommended refusal from the DPAR. This can be added to the recommended refusals already made by Transport Malta; the Church Commission; MEPA’s own Environmental Protection Directorate and Natural Heritage Panel; and numerous NGOs.

Hopefully it shall be a total refusal and no villas or bungalows will be allowed. Many people have asked for this area to be returned to a National Park and hopefully MEPA will listen to the cry of the general public.

We also wish to remind MEPA that 85% of the Qala residents are against this project, and hopefully their voice is listened to after all these years.”

Paul Buttigieg

Moviment Harsien Hondoq

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    18 Responses

    1. antoine says:

      Pawlu you deserve all the credit that hondoq is still not spoiled and given on a silver plate for pure specul;ation. Who are those people that wants to built vilas and bungalows over there? What are mepa are waiting for? .Is there a helping hand doing all it could delaying this final report??? We are sick of this going on Isn`t it enough 12 years waiting??
      Election is coming soon and we surely will remember all these events

    2. Clayton Zarb Cousin says:

      YES!! Let’s keep on pushing for abolute 0 development in not only this, but other areas which should be considered protected as well !! Listen to the residents MEPA, it is after all your job!!

    3. David Spiteri says:

      About time too! This farce has going on far too long already, longer than I remember any major project. There are forces at play behind the scenes, for sure. How else can one explain that Joseph Muscat had stated categorically that his government would be against developing Hondoq, and yet 2 years after his election, the Development Report still hasn’t been published?

      Someone is trying to pull strings somewhere.

    4. Francesca Meilaq says:

      How many times does this application have to be refused before they close the book on it for good? Is the idea to just keep applying until they find someone corrupt enough to issue the permit for a fee?

    5. MARTINU says:

      . temmnux il weghdi li jaghamlulkom poplu tal qala. Jekk johrog il-permess ghalxejn toqghodu tibku wara . .Konplu insistu li l -permess ma johrogx ghax Hondoq ir-rummien issir gate u ma tinzlux aktar hemmekk araw x`gara f`postijiet ohra

    6. Mike Swann says:

      Given the choice between concrete and bricks or a nature reserve, who in their right mind would recommend concrete and bricks?

      I hope the politicians in Malta and Gozo recognise what an absolute gem they have in Hondoq Bay and preserve it for all time for the people of Gozo and the people like myself who love to visit Hondoq Bay the way it is now, saved for everybody, not just the few.

      I implore MEPA to make the right decision. Save Hondoq Bay from developers and put the developers out of their misery.

      Tell them “Not now, not ever!”

      It’s long overdue!!!

    7. Amary says:

      I just joined so I will keep updated with the latest info for honndoq I do visit the area every year and it should be safeguarded

    8. M Xerri says:

      Even though I reside in the US, I find it comforting and peaceful to go back home to Qala and enjoy our local beach, Hondoq. It is disturbing to think that development of this pristine and natural beach is still under consideration. It is obvious that the possibility of making some a great deal of money is the motivation for the proposed development over the years. In order for our voices to be heard loudly, we must remind the politicians who are supposed to be representing our wishes(85% of the locals are against any development) that they are elected by us and will be Removed if they act against the people!

    9. Eliza says:

      If the people of Qala want hondoq to stay the same why do they keep advertising
      Qala with their museum, International folk festival and concerts and bars throughout the island?

      • Joseph B says:

        @ Eliza Hondoq ir Rummien proposal is not a sustainable one as stated by different authorities Secondly we live in Qala and we surely know what`s best for us that`s why a referendum was held with 85% voting against this proposal

      • Mick Cundy says:

        Because people have to survive! They need income from somewhere!!! How is NY these days?

    10. anne says:

      We visit Gozo practically every year our base is in Wales, we always look forward to the little bay of Hondoq, however over the years it seems to be getting from bad to worse, i like to see the run down building just across the beach updated maybe a sort of recreation sport center, the toilets need to be a little bit hygienic, as far as the beach clear all the hard stones and replace them with sand, needless to say i am in favour of redevelopment of the area to a better recreation beach for the tourists. Others will differ but then again its our money we are spending on your island. Had this been in Wales i am sure many would complain of the state of the beach.

    11. James A. Tyrrell says:

      How many recommended refusals are needed before the message gets through? The vast majority of people from Qala are against any form of development for profit in this area. Everyone under the sun has spoken out against it. Tourists like myself have spoken out against it. The only people who are in favour of it are the developers out to make money. Time to end this once and for all and protect the area so it can never crop up again in the future.

      • Paul says:

        Sir with due respect that is your opinion, however there are others that think differently than you. I still say that there is room for Hondoq to be developed in a way that it is not spoiled, and there is room for improvement called–PROGRESS.

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        Paul 85% of Qala residents against the Hondoq project is not ‘my opinion!’ And covering more of the island in concrete is not ‘progress!’

      • Peter says:


    12. Jens Hörnicke says:

      “Please” dont destroy the natural side off Gozo .it is the Wallet for the future J.H.

    13. claudio says:

      Paul 85% of Qala residents against the Hondoq project is not ‘my opinion!’ And covering more of the island in concrete is not ‘progress!’

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