Is MEPA stalling on issuing its Hondoq Report? – Readers Letter

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Is MEPA stalling on issuing its Hondoq Report? - Readers Letter“Last March I wrote a letter asking where the long overdue Development Planning Application Report (DPAR) for Hondoq was. It is this report which sums up everything, to put before the MEPA Board, so they can make their final decision as to whether the proposed development can go ahead there or not.

It should not be a difficult decision, considering that the project has been recommended for refusal by numerous bodies, including the Church Commission and MEPA’s own Environmental Protection Directorate, and their Natural Heritage Panel.

Back then, MEPA were already past the 42 week target date they had set themselves in July 2002 (even allowing for the intervening 11 years being valid extensions to that timeframe). It is now 8 and a half months further on, and still no sign of the report.

In July 2014 an article was published saying that the DPAR would be issued by the end of summer. In November 2014 another article reported that all the indications were that by the end of the month the DPAR on the project would be finished.

Now, in January 2015, it seems we are still no closer to seeing this report. No valid reason has been forth coming, and no doubt any excuse given now for the delay will be the upcoming local elections and hunting referendum.

MEPA – where are your ‘values’ which are ‘rooted in justice’ and ‘manifested in wise and timely decisions,’ and which you talk about in your Mission Statement?”

Jane Carr,


Photo courtesy of Moviment Harsien Hondoq (Save Hondoq ir-Rummien)

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    7 Responses

    1. Alison Bagley says:

      How very embarrassing for a government department to drag its feet for so long. Time to go to the top. What do you think Prime Minister Joseph Muscat?

    2. Peter Paul says:

      Green Integrated Community Please read all the comments on this link and surely you will know why MEPA are dragging their feet MEPA STOP TAKING US FOR A RIDE

    3. Clayton Zarb Cousin says:

      Such a bloody ridiculous state of affairs, (as per usual!!). What’s the hold up? Pull your heads out and perform your alleged function MEPA………..

    4. mario says:

      Council elections soon This should be settled before the elections as we have been promised Peter Paul thanks for that link . We are not stupid and we all know who really worked to safeguard our national heritage

    5. Fr Peter says:

      Thank you Paul for keeping us informed and up-dated.

      • Peter says:

        Are you hoping that a chapel is going to be built at Hondoq ?

      • Juzeppi says:

        Peter We got a church called Tal Blat . We do not kneed any built ups . We all need hondoq to be left for us . Itz ben more than enough 12 years .qala referendum gave the clearest result 85% against

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