MEUSAC strengthens its presence in Gozo with new office in Xewkija

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MEUSAC strengthens its presence in Gozo with new office in XewkijaA new MEUSAC office was inaugurated this afternoon in Gozo, at the University Complex in Xewkija, by the Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties Helena Dalli, and the Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo.

Minister Dalli said that after discussions with the Ministry for Gozo, space was made available for the office in the complex of the University, which was offered free of charge to MEUSAC.

The Minister emphasised the importance of a civil society in Gozo, and the assistance that MEUSAC can bring to Gozo, with a perspective on various aspects relating to the relationship with the European Union and the decisions that are taken at a national level.

She said as it will now be easier for non-governmental organisations and local councils in Gozo to go to MEUSAC, to continue to benefit from assistance in the field of EU funds. Among others through MEUSAC, Gozo local councils have benefited from a total of € 4,109,903 for 34 different project while NGOs benefited from € 1,062,980 for 22 projects.

The Minister for Gozo Anton Refalo, reiterated that it is essential to have a MEUSAC office in Gozo. He said that the purpose of this office is to discuss how the measures taken in the European Union affect institutions, particular sectors and even ordinary citizens, with local NGOs and local councils participating in programmes, it also provides simple information to the public about Malta in the European Union and the rights of Maltese and Gozitan citizens in the European Union.

The Minister stated “that it was thus that MEUSAC has re-opened a representative office in Gozo, as promised in the last Budget, and according to the policy of this Government of job creation in Gozo for Gozitans.”

The Minister for Gozo Anton Refalo promised the full cooperation of the Ministry for Gozo to further strengthen the work carried out through this office. “This helps to strengthen the dimension of the regionality of the island and to create more projects for better social and economic development in Gozo. Finally, Minister Refalo thanked Minister Dalli for her ongoing work towards the island.

The Head of MEUSAC Dr. Vanni Xuereb, talked about collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo during the last two years with the aim that MEUSAC would strengthen its presence in Gozo. He introduced Chantelle Tabone as the new coordinator of this office, who will serve as point of reference for individuals, enterprises, NGOs and local councils in Gozo.

Photograph: MGOZ/George Scerri

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