Coalition against spring hunting welcomes referendum date announcement

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Coalition against spring hunting welcomes announcement of referendum dateThe Coalition for the Abolition of Spring Hunting (CASH) have this evening welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of the date for the spring hunting referendum.

Romina Tolu, Campaign Coordinator for the Coalition said, “Saturday, the 11th of April 2015 will be a historic day for the people of Malta. This is the chance for the public to vote for a better future for Malta; for our countryside, our people and, of course, for birds.”

Ms Tolu stated “With the referendum taking place before the date that the spring hunting season would normally open, people have the opportunity to stop it from happening this year.”

“This would allow countless birds to safely fly over Malta on their way to mainland Europe to breed and for everyone to enjoy their countryside without the fear of being bullied and intimidated by aggressive hunters.”

The Coalition stated that they will launch their campaign early next week, as soon as the Government confirms the question. “Over the next three months we will campaign to ensure that everyone who wants to see positive change on our islands knows which way to vote on 11th April,” concluded Ms Tolu.

Photo – Turtle Doves in flight. Photo by David Tipling/Nature Picture Library. .

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    1. george palmer says:

      Brilliant, but I hope the referendum isn’t ‘set up.’ There are powerful forces of corruption that can influence the final result. I hope and pray the results are honest because if they are, then the decent Maltese people will get their wish.

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