Arrest of foreign couple in Gozo, leads to seven robberies being solved

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Arrest of foreign couple in Gozo, leads to seven robberies being solvedThe arrest of a foreign couple by the Gozitan Police following an attempted theft, has led to the solving of a total of seven robberies, some attempted, in the past days in Victoria and Ghajnsielem, the Police said today.

The couple, a Belgian man, 37, and Italian woman, 21, were arrested shortly after they broke into a shop on Monday, at about 3.30pm, in Triq Taht Putirjal, Victoria, and came face-to-face with its owner.

Seeing this, they ran off, followed by the shopkeeper, who met a Traffic Policeman and reported the incident. The officer gave chase while calling for backup. Although the woman managed to get away, the man was arrested at a disused factory.

The woman was eventually identified and arrested on Tuesday, following further investigation.

The couple’s arrest has also led to the solving of three thefts and two attempted ones from shops between January the 4th and 5th, 2015, in Victoria and two robberies last month in Ghajnsielem.

The foreigners are expected to be arraigned in the coming days.

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    4 Responses

    1. Eliza says:

      I can’t believe some people want a direct link or bridge from Malta to Gozo. This would just increase crime like this to occur because it will drive in more of these characters to Gozo.

    2. Ray Pizer says:

      Having a bridge has nothing to do with it, dishonest people can just as easily travel by ferry as anyone else!

    3. george palmer says:

      Well done Gozo police. Crime is so rare on this island it is good to see you guys and girls are not complacent when action is needed.

    4. Davide says:

      People have several fears about link and New things coming time chancing but an Island connecting loses an important part of identivy surely.Gozo name means like a round boat in history and may be better leave in this way.

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