Gozo clean-up collects 63 bags of rubbish plus other items in 1.6Km walk for EWWR

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Gozo clean-up collects 63 bags of rubbish plus other items in 1.6Km walk for EWWROver the weekend a team from Gozo-Rocks Green & Clean hikes participated in the ‘European Week for Waste Reduction’ (EWWR).

On Saturday, in a hike of just 1.6Km walk, they collected the large amount of 63 garbage/recycling bags, along with some heavy items, such as tyres etc…. totalling about 372kilos in all. The hike ended at the Civic Amenity Site in Xewkija.Gozo clean-up collects 63 bags of rubbish plus other items in 1.6Km walk for EWWRThe team said that something that they didn’t know was that for every 10 plastic bottles you bring to the Civic Amenities Site, you get a ticket with a chance to win 500 euro in a lottery. “We had 392 plastic bottles that were OK, plus 26 bottles that were not counted because they were too dirty. That is a lot of plastic bottles in just a small area, just 1.6Km walk in the Heliport area and the Gnien ta’ Blankas, and Gnien tat-Tfal in Xewkija.”

Louis Debattsta, organiser of the hikes, thanked the Xewkija Local Council for providing the transport, recycling and garbage bags, and gloves to clean up the area.

He said, “we all have to work together and not keep ignoring this massive problem we have here in Gozo with dumping trash and recyclables. It’s not the Government that causes this problem but the people that dump and throw litter out of their car windows.”

Louis added, “the problem with the Government is they should enforce measures to discourage littering and dumping giving fines and posting signs with warnings that you will be fined 500 euro if caught dumping.”

The team had planned to clean up by the Ghajnsielem Cemetery, but Louis said that he had to change the route “because there was no agreement yet by the Ghajnsielem Local Council. Thank you again Xewkija Local Council for making some difference; it means a lot to have the support. It is only 6 months since we walked and cleaned up this area.”

“So much work from these kids and the people who came and helped us,” Louis said. “We had a Swiss lady that I had never met before, it turns out she had she supported during the past summer by sponsoring me when I did the charity bike ride from England to Italy in support of the Gozo CCU Foundation.”

“Yesterday we had people join us hailing from Holland, the USA, Scotland, Switzerland and three Gozitan families and some individual kids from Gozo. Yes, I would love to see more Gozitans join us.”

Louis presented each child with a Certificate for taking part in the clean-up event as part of EWWR.

From Gozo Calling, an American Family living in Gozo: “Excellent work yesterday by the Gozo Rocks Clean & Green Hikes doing their part for the European Week for Waste Reduction! I heard we collected over 63 bags (plus the odds and ends like TVs, buckets, chairs, tyres), which included over 400 plastic bottles. As usual, these hikes are bittersweet–lovely and rewarding to do, but I certainly wish there wasn’t a need in the first place. Thanks to everyone for helping out!”

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    1. Martin says:

      Great effort it’s such a shame that local people keep on littering and dumping rubbish and children have clear up after them they should be caught,named and shamed.

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