Empowering young diabetics to master their diabetes

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Empowering young diabetics to master their diabetesThe Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Chris Fearne, says the Government has boosted the support it gives to young diabetics.

In a meeting with Diabetes Young Advocates Europe, Dr Fearne said that action has been taken in the past few months to increase the availability of HGT strips, used in blood sugar tests. This means that young diabetics under the age of 18 can more effectively control their condition.

“This is an example of our commitment to ensure better living standards for diabetics. It is a small decision but one which makes a difference in the lives of many young diabetics, showing them that they can master their diabetes and lead a normal life,” said Dr Fearne, who lauded the work being carried out by Diabetes Young Advocates Europe.

Diabetes Young Advocates Europe is a community of people from across Europe who have come together to leverage knowledge and experience to support all people with type 1 diabetes. It aims to reduce the financial burden on families and ensure that affected children keep their glucose in control as much as possible.

It has launched the #Special1s initiative to show the range of emotions and challenges people with diabetes face, and reassure young people with diabetes that there is a community there to support them.

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