Children’s Dreams: Help give the magic of Christmas this year

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Children's Dreams: Help give the magic of Christmas this year‘Children’s Dreams,’ is the name of a project launched for children in need of help at Christmas, which was launched by the Minister for Family and Social Solidarity Michael Farrugia and is being run in conjunction with the support group Appogg.

In the project ‘Children’s Dreams,’ the dreams of children whose families face various social difficulties, or children who are being raised in Children’s Homes, are collected and published on the project website.

People are being given the opportunity to help the parents of these children to make their dream come true.

This project is an independent initiative which is held in collaboration with Agenzija Appogg and to which a lot of generous people have contributed; people who saw the chance to help these children to receive the Christmas gift of their dream.

Everyone is being invited to contribute to this project and fulfil the dreams of these children. Without this project, these children’s dreams would probably remain only ‘dreams.’

All that anybody has to do is to visit the website and select the wishes of the children on there that you can help – ‘the dream’ – and leave your details so you can decide how you wish to fulfil it.

The details will only be provided to the social worker who would then get in touch with you by email or telephone. Confidentiality will be respected to protect all persons concerned.

The gift would then be taken to the address of Agenzija Appogg provided by the social worker concerned. Then it will be passed on to the parents of the child to be given at Christmas.

Children’s Dreams said that “it is important to know also, that to fulfil the dreams it is not necessary to have new things. Maybe there is a bicycle which you don’t use or maybe you have many toys which no one is playing with and which would make a lovely gift for a child? Look for them and make children happy by fulfilling their dreams.”

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