The two Gozitan Theatres unite to stage DJAMANTI MUZIKALI

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The two Gozitan Theatres unite to stage DJAMANTI MUZIKALIThe two Gozitan Theatres, the Astra and the Aurora in Victoria, are to unite to stage DJAMANTI MUZIKALI.

The first part on Saturday the 29th of November will be at the Astra Theatre, starting at 7.30pm, and the second on Saturday, the 6th of December at the Aurora Theatre, also starting at 7.30pm

In the history of our country, one flag, one Nation! … celebrating together two major milestones under one roof: Namely, Independence Day and Republic Day.

This concert is being organised by the Foundation for National Celebrations (FCN) together with the Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo.

This is the first time in the history of these two Gozitan theatres, that they are collaborating together to hold one concert.

This was announced in a press conference today, which was opened by the producer of DJAMANTI MUZIKALI, David Borg, who explained that the branch name is part of the most popular song ever – Gozo, You’re a Diamond – and reflects the content and melody of the Gozitan and Maltese musical history of these islands.

He said that there will be Gozitan and Maltese talent spanning 50 years filled, with fantastic local melodies and interpretations.

Both Gozo concerts will have free entry on a first-come-first.served-basis.

The Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo stressed how the Ministry is committed to making Gozo more attractive for Gozitans, as well as for Maltese and tourists.

“The Government’s work is focused to provide a more effective promotion of Gozo to the Maltese and tourists visiting the island throughout the year, especially during the quieter winter months.”

“That is why I have closely followed the development of this initiative,” the Minister said. “The merger between the Gozitan theatres is instrumental in moving forward, because where there is unity, there is strength,” concluded Dr Refalo, as he invited the Presidents of both theatres to shake hands.

The Chairman of the FCN, Albert Marshall, explained how art, culture and music are elements in our society that, if used properly, produce unity among the people. “That is why this concert is important and I am proud to be a part.”

The composer Paul Abela explained that this concert will be filled with songs and music of both Gozitan and Maltese talent, and will be bigger than the one held in Smart City in September, which was such a great success. “People will still be singing the melodies from these concerts, well after they have ended.”

Photograph: DOI/ Reuben Piscopo

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