Divina: By Naupaca Dance Factory opens this month in Gozo & Malta

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Divina: By Naupaca Dance Factory opens this month in Gozo & MaltaGozo’s Naupaca Dance Factory celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion they are presenting ‘Divina,’ a contemporary dance adaptation based on La Divina Commedia, an epic Italian poem by Dante Alighieri.

Similarly arranged as the poem it takes its name from, Divana is composed of three visually distinct acts, namely Inferno (Hell), Purgatorio (Purgatory) and Paradiso (Heaven). The journey will be narrated through dance, poetry, song and music.

Naupaca Dance Factory said that “the concept behind this production is the exploration of states of being rather than simplified narration. This is directly translated into dance where there is a steady progression from the element of absurdity and juxtaposed heaviness that Inferno represents to the lighter, more extended choreography of Paradiso. Apart from the three main characters, individual bodies in Divana represent states of emotion rather than specific characters.”

“We believe that a theatrical stage can offer this sense of being in, of a journey being taken, of movement occurring in a spatial universe. Dance, as a medium, would realise these figures, and seek to explore and make palpable the lines of the poem, those facts of life that Dante himself searches for throughout his journey,” Naupaca said.

Naupaca Dance Factory has collaborated with a number of renowned local musicians who have provided the original music score that follows the choreographed script.

Divina will open its doors on the 17th of October at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, online booking is now available. There will be a repeat performance on the 24th of October at the Aurora Opera House in Victoria, Gozo. Bookings online are available here for Gozo and here for Malta.

Directed and choreographed by Joeline Tabone; Production Management by Deborah Agius; Concept and Text by Maria Theuma; Production Design and Costumes by Luke Azzopardi. In the leading roles, Sergey Kheylik (RU) will dance the role of Dante, Francesco Mariottini (IT) will dance the role of Virgil, and Naupaca Dance Factory’s Deborah Agius will be dancing the role of Beatrice.

For more information about the upcoming production please visit http://www.naupacadancefactory.com/.

The trailer for Divina is shown below:

Photograph by Charles Paul Azzopardi

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