Gozo University Group puts forward its budget proposals to MCESD

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Gozo University Group puts forward its budget proposals to MCESDThe Gozo University Group (GUG) has presented the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development a number of proposals for the upcoming Budget.

These proposals where developed by a Subcommittee formed by GUG in the last Annual General Meeting. Their aim was to come up with a list of reasonable proposals to put forward to the MCESD.

GUG said that the four main points ultimately drawn up were:

1. Additional funds for ‘Work Trail Scheme for Youths.’ This encourages unemployed youths to work in Gozo. Thus improving the Gozitan economy.

2. Investment in Gozo University Campus. There is a lack of computers and medical equipment. To add to that, the latest proposal of a pilot study on the possibility of having particular lectures video conferenced at the Gozo Campus requires additional funding.

3. The development of a Gozo National Swimming Pool. GUG has previously mentioned that the project would benefit Gozo. It would encourage sports and also add another landmark to the island.

4. Gozitan Student Maintenance Grant should rise with COLA. Gozitan students are finding it hard to keep up with the ever-rising cost of living. This was confirmed in a survey constructed by GUG, which showed that 68% of the Gozitan students can’t cope with the cost. While 95% agreed that the grant should be adjusting according to the COLA.

It was also proposed that Gozitans should start receiving their maintenance grant monthly rather then every three months since rent is normally paid once a month.

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