MCA to extend the WebCheck project to the sports sector

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MCA to extend the WebCheck project to the sports sectorThe successful implementation of the WebCheck project in the tourism sector, in collaboration with the Malta Tourism Authority has led the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) to offer a similar initiative targeting the sports sector, in particular, small sports organisations.

Collaborating with the Parliamentary Secretariat for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport the primary aim of this project is to provide these organisations with the necessary tools to make better use of the internet and various digital platforms to explore opportunities for growth, awareness-raising and recognition of their work.

Speaking at the launch of this initiative, Mr Roderick Marmara, Manager, Information Society at the MCA said “We are launching this new programme as part of a wider initiative aimed at achieving widespread e-literacy, digital inclusion and the use of ICTs as at tool to improve quality of life for all citizens in particular, disadvantaged groups. The aim of this new programme is to encourage small organisations in the sports sector to create, or improve its online presence and use social media to increase visibility and raise funds through the most popular online applications.”

Organisations participating in the scheme will be assigned a specialist in the online marketing field who will be tasked with reviewing its internet strategy with an emphasis on social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Participants will receive free expert advice on ways to capitalise on these digital platforms and develop a strong online strategy.

Parliamentary Secretary Dr Josè Herrera explained that “the main aim of this project is to assist sports organisations, in particular those organisations which carry less activity awareness to achieve a wider audience through their online presence. The online exposure will trigger interest with various individuals and encourage them to even participate in local sports activities which currently are not aware of.”

A substantial amount of sports activists met Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius and commented that the media falls short in offering regular and relevant coverage on sport activities. Whilst acknowledging their concerns, PS Agius explained that”‘unfortunately, the number of sports societies that communicate regularly with the media and keep them abreast with all their activities are few and far between.”

PS Agius emphasised that the media is vital in assisting associations and federations to achieve better acknowledgement and recognition. He referred to this project “as the gateway to broaden horizons and reach a wider audience, whilst providing regular updates to all those individuals who have a particular interest in specific sports activities.”

Participation in the WebCheck for sport, is free as the programme is fully funded by the MCA.

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