Xandriku fest – Nghixu Xandriku fl-Imghoddi: Historical journey in Nadur

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Xandriku fest – Nghixu Xandriku fl-Imghoddi: Historical journey in NadurFollowing on from the success of last year, ‘Xandriku fest – Nghixu Xandriku fl-Imghoddi,’ will once again take place in Xandriku Street, Nadur.

As the event’s name suggests, this spectacular evening will embark us on a journey through the years, where we can relive the rich history that this street possesses. The main event of the evening, taking place in the centre of this street, will be a grand BBQ with a twist.

A French setting will dominate this banquet reminding us of the years under the French rule and also of the presence of Napoleon the Great.

More recent history predominates the rest of the street, with exhibitions from the years under the Royal British Monarch, namely the participation of a number of military vehicles which will be on show.

There will also be a number of exhibitions from various local groups who had once emerged from this street. It is also important to note that the Kelinu Grima Maritime Museum will be open to the public, free of charge.

It is impossible to organise a history related or cultural event in Nadur without including the Carnival. Along the street, visitors will be able to see a number of Maskarati from the Nadur Spontaneous Carnival which enthusiastically followed by both locals and foreigners.

The element of art is also present within this street’s history. Renowned sculptures and painters such as Lazzru Pisani and Frangisk Saver Sciortino are known to have frequented this street. Even the Gozitan poetess Mary Meilak was so enraptured by the street’s beauty, that she dedicated one of her own poems to this very street. Her poem bears the street’s name, Xandriku.

During the evening, apart from exhibitions, historic personages, food, and beverages, there will also be a variety of entertainment. The popular game of Tombola will take place, as well as various traditional games for children.

Music will not be lacking, with an area dedicated to the popular music from the fifties, sixties and seventies. The Group Viral Vibe Drums will also be part of the evening’s entertainers. Live traditional folk music and dance will also be a main attraction to look forward to during the evening.

Xandriku Fest, is taking place on Saturday, the 13th of September, from 7.00pm onwards and is an event is organised by Ghaqda Armar Triq Xandriku, in collaboration with the Nadur Local Council.

The general public is urged not to miss this interesting and educational family evening, so go along, join in and have some fun!

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