Gozo Live book launch: 4 Stories for children and adults

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Gozo Live book launch: 4 Stories for children and adultsGozo Live are organising their next book launch, by four writers, three of whom live in Gozo. The authors will read from their books and chat about them afterwards.

The books to be launched are as follows:Gozo Live book launch: 4 Stories for children and adultsThe third book in the FARAXA Children’s Books series, The Adventures of Joe Fenek by Graham Bayes, drawings and illustrations by Salvina L. Aquilina, is for children six to eight years of age. This book was awarded an Honourable mention in the 2013 London Book Festival.

The book comprises six short stories about Joe Fenek: that is, Joe Rabbit – Joe Fenek’s lucky escape, Joe Fenek’s good deed, Joe Fenek and the monster, Joe Fenek goes to the feast, Joe Fenek and the chocolate, Joe Fenek and the ghost.

Meet Joe and his animal friends Jimmy the rat, Digger the shrew, Tony the rat, Horace the horse, Mario the mouse and Spikey the hedgehog, all of which share in Joe’s adventures around Malta and Gozo. Enjoy all the ways these animal buddies devise to get out of endlessly tricky situations.

The Legend of Amanda Robins by 14-year-old, Gozitan-New Yorker, Corrine Annette Zahra. First things first, beware! The day Amanda was born is an important day for she was sent to save human and magical kind on earth.

The Legend of Amanda Robins is full of fantasy and mystery. Vampires, werewolves and many other magical creatures roam throughout this book, not to mention humans and Amanda herself. Deep down, inside, Amanda Robins is an exquisite, legendary, rare and unique creature – one of a kind, even among her own kind. Amanda is a legend, you are presented with this story for you to decide whether it is true or not.

Stories My Parents Told Me by Maltese-Australian author Rupert C. Grech is a collection of seven short stories based on actual events during World War II on the Mediterranean island nation of Malta.

The stories describe a difficult time for children and their families where survival was paramount and family ties were what sustained them. These stories are interspersed with snippets of history, factual details and descriptions which establish a setting for tales which are, at times, emotionally moving and, at other times, bring a smile to your face. These stories also describe a culture of a time past for a deeply religious and frugal people.

Charles Coyne is presenting the second edition of his strange, but thoroughly engaging, tales which have proven very popular with local and foreign readers alike. A great book suitable for both summer and winter reading, Coyne is a master of sleight of hand in his writing, keeping his readers on edge, gripping the seat of their chairs and surprised, in each tale, at both the unfolding of the tales and their endings.

Gozo Live said that “there is no obligation to buy but please come and support the literary talent that we have in Gozo.”

The evening starts at 7.00pm and this time it will take place at Ricardu’s, which is inside the Citadel opposite the Cathedral.

Wine and snacks will be served, however other drinks and food can be ordered on account if required. For further information please email gozolive2018@gmail.com.

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