Awareness campaign launched to keep public places clean and tidy

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Awareness campaign launched to keep public places clean & tidyAn awareness campaign to keep public places clean and tidy has been launched during a news conference organised by Transport Malta.

During the conference, Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis stated that tourism levels this year were expected to exceed 1.6 million arrivals. August would be the peak month with 220,000 tourists expected to visit the island.

“Since a large arrival of tourists needs a better infrastructure and for this reason €1.5 million were being invested in the cleansing sector to be used for the purchase of new equipment and more litter bins in tourist areas,” he said.

Minister for Transport, Joe Mizzi remarked that, last year, a number of zones which needed to be cleaned up more often were identified. To cater for the demand, 70 employees were engaged with the cleansing section and €300,000 were invested in new equipment. Another €100,000 was spent on the installation of more than 500 waste bins. They will be emptied twice daily and washed at least once a week.

GRTU Deputy President Philip Fenech, stated that this initiative is a positive ongoing process that must be extended with continuous education. It is also positive that children are being targeted specifically as this is the target group which one should invest in.

“It is beneficial that this campaign was initiated within tourists centres that will be visited by a high number of tourists during peak season. However it is important that this campaign is maintained but not only during peak seasons but all year around.”

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