1,420Km fund raising cycle ride completed for Gozo CCU Foundation

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1,420Km fund raising cycle ride completed for Gozo CCU FoundationLouis Debattista has completed his second charity fund raising cycle ride this year, this time for the Gozo CCU Foundation, riding from the UK to Lake Como in Italy.

Louis left from Harpenden, Luton, in the UK on the 24th of July and his route has taken him through Holland, into Germany, France, Switzerland and then on to his final destination, Lake Como in Italy, where he arrived on Monday, cycling a total of around 1,420Km.

It was hard work for the last 2 days, with steep climbs over the mountains in Switzerland, the final day was 156km, with 122km in the rain. Climbing 2060m.above sea level to reach Lake Como.

“John Creaton, my friend and partner on the ride, did an excellent job going through all these countries. I was exhausted crossing the Italian boarder and finally arriving at his house,” Louis said.

He added, “I was glad that it was over although I enjoyed it- but the last 2 days were very hard and my body was getting tired. It was amazing experience, getting to see different places, people and cultures.”

“I want to thank my friend John for the challenge and helping me to go through this. I want to thank the Alive Cyclists for donating €500 to Gozo CCU Foundation and the 3 Gozo people for their donations and the American & Swiss families for their donations as well.”

“I really hope more of Gozo’s people donate to the Foundation so they can purchase the equipment that the CCU needs,” Louis said. “My challenge is done! Tuesday evening I will be heading back to Malta, so thank you God for keeping me under you shadow.”

A donation can be made in the form of a cheque made out to ‘The CCU Foundation,’ which can be sent to Louis Debattista at, “The Dusty house” Triq Ta Cini, Qala Gozo QLA-2020, or email me Louismalti@aol.com.

The Foundation’s next project is to raise funds to purchase 2 ventilators for the CCU ward to add to the 2 that have already been donated by the Foundation.

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