Skola Sajf postponed by one week due to possible strike action

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Skola Sajf postponed by one week due to possible strike actionThe Ministry for Education, in a statement this evening said that due to possible strike procedures by Skola Sajf workers over the shortfall in staff numbers to take care of over 10,000 children, the Ministry has ordered the postponement of Skola Sajf by one week.

“Tomorrow morning, a situation could have developed whereby parents would send children in centres with striking staff and it is unacceptable to have children not attended to.”

The Ministry added that the well-being of children is paramount, and with potential strike action taking place it would have been irresponsible to go ahead.

The Ministry said it has accepted the MUT’s request for an investigation into the poor administration of this initiative.

The Ministry apologised for all inconvenience caused.

On Saturday the MUT said that is had been informed by various members “about the disastrous situation facing the start of Skola Sajf on Monday.

The Union stated that it had been informed that:

a) the centres for Skola Sajf are almost entirely understaffed;

b) provisions have not even been made to replace teachers who will be on inservice courses;

c) Gozitan university students have been asked to work in Malta when in Gozo they are sorely needed;

d) requests for more staffing by coordinators have been met with arrogant refusals by FES management;

e) FES is still accepting registrations even though it is fully aware of the major understaffing in all centres;

f) one particular centre in Malta will start on Monday with one “play worker” taking care of up to 300 children, while one centre in Gozo will have 60 children with just one person in charge;

g) various Centres are staffed with persons not trained or licensed to teach;

h) coordinators have been given charge of various centres, rather than one as usual.

To sum up, the Union said that it “regretfully notes that its communications with the Ministry about the fiasco going on in Skola Sajf and Klabb 3-16, which fiasco is orchestrated by FES, have gone unheeded.”

Therefore the MUT said that it is advising its members (taking part in Skola Sajf) to refrain from opening/attending Skola Sajf centres if the established ratio of 1:15 is not respected.

The Union added that it believes that the risks to which FES is exposing its members exceeds by far any pittance remuneration the same FES can offer.

“Members are also advised to update the Union via email on the situation at their respective centre/s. Heads of Schools are also advised to steer clear from this chaos, and guide their SMT members accordingly,” the MUT said.

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