ENGOs & media claims about MEPA CEO are wholly unfounded – MEPA

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ENGOs & media claims related to MEPA CEO, wholly unfounded - MEPAThe Malta Environment and Planning Authority Board said that earlier today it investigated the allegations brought forward in some media with respect to the MEPA CEO, Mr Johann Buttigieg, in relation to any business interests in the construction industry.

“The Board said h has concluded that “there are no shortcomings in his conduct.”

The Authority said that “the false allegations were put forward by environment NGO Din L-Art Helwa where they have stated that there was a “conflict of interest with MEPA CEO’s role and his personal involvement in the illegal development in San Blas.”

“Mr Buttigieg confirmed to the board that the two mentioned companies; Zebbiegh Development Ltd and Ta’ Pinu Developments Ltd were closed or sold off quite some time ago before his appointment.”

“Furthermore,” Authority said, “the third company, in which Ms Buttigieg holds a share, hasn’t acquired any property since 2008.”

“The media also reported that Mr Buttigieg has been seen at San Blas with Mr Joseph Portelli. Later on, it was discovered that the allegation was truly unfounded,” the Authority added.

The Board concluded that “the information published in the newspaper have been wrongly interpreted and reported. The board also condemns the media and e-NGOs whereby they ended up creating serious allegations against Mr Buttigieg and his family.”

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