‘Made in Gozo’ label suggested for Gozitan Artisanal Enterpreneurs

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‘Made in Gozo’ label suggested for Gozitan Artisinal EnterpreneursFormer Prime Minister Alfred Sant has suggested that artisanal entrepreneurs in Gozo should get together with the government, which is doing its best to promote Gozo as a tourism destination, and arrange to have an official “Made in Gozo” label to certify that artisanal goods are genuinely of Gozitan origin.

The EP election candidate visited the crafts village at Ta’ Dbiegi, limits of San Lawrenz in Gozo and toured the artisanal shops and crafts factories. Dr Sant commented favourably on the wide range of genuine Gozo goods on offer and on their high quality of finish.

Most outlets commented that there has been an upturn in their sales during recent months. They also made various suggestions about how the Ta’ Dbiegi village could be promoted further. At present, there is some disruption in operations due to the upgrade that the village is being given with some important new construction works going on.

Owners were keen to see that there is better access to their shops and were worried about undercutting by merchants who propose second rate artisanal goods that are imported from elsewhere and are described as Gozo made. It was also noted that for the main, tourists who come for short term stays are less interested than others in the purchase of local artisanal goods.

Photograph shows former Prime Minister Alfred Sant touring Ta’ Dbiegi Artisan Centre in Gozo.

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    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Whilst I agree that Made in Gozo would be a good selling point especially for someone like myself who spends his holiday in Gozo rather than Malta what guarantee have we that the items with such labels attached are actually made in Gozo rather than Hong Kong?

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