Labour present a strong & competent team of candidates – PM

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Labour present a strong & competent team of candidates - PM“We present strong and competent team, a team that includes people who have experience in the European Parliament and some that do not, people who have been in politics for some time, and people who are new, people coming from different minorities and majorities and a team which includes both Maltese and Gozitans.

This was stated by the Prime Minister and Labour Party Leader, Dr Joseph Muscat, during the launch of the Labour Party’s team of candidates for next month’s European Elections. The event took place at Fort Chambray, in Ghajnsielem, Gozo.

Dr Muscat said that the track record shows that we have been consistent towards Malta in the European Parliament, however the same cannot be said for the PN Party, who have changed their behaviour after the change in Government.

“In past years we have seen the need for a team of candidates to participate in institutions and not just try to score some political points,” said the Labour leader.

The Prime Minister pointed out that “during this legislature of the European Parliament, in 2017, our country will hold the Presidency of the European Union, which will be a challenge, but also a great opportunity.” He also mentioned the importance of a framework to which the Maltese Government can work.

Joseph Musact said that the Election Manifesto will be very clear and is due to be published in the second part of the campaign.

In conclusion the Leader of the Labour Party again highlighted how “this team will be one of competent candidates who will drive the agenda forward.”

The Prime Minister thanked the outgoing MEPs, and the other 13 candidates.

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