Civil unions bill approved by Parliament, Opposition Party abstains

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Civil unions bill approved by Parliament, Opposition abstainsParliament this evening approved the civil unions bill in its final reading, the Opposition abstained from the vote, with PN Leader Simon Busuttil saying before the vote that, although the Party agreed with civil unions, it had reservations on allowing gay couples to adopt children, and felt more studies were necessary.

AD welcomes the introduction of civil union legislation, saying that it hopes this leads to full equality.

Angele Deguara, AD representative on the LGBT Consultative Council, said, “as a party that believes in equality and social justice, we are happy that finally gay couples will have similar rights to those of other couples. This is a big step forward for us as a democratic country. We will join other countries which have recognised that gay couples who love each other and want to spend their life together should be protected by law. We hope that this law will pave the way for eventual equality in marriage.”

Prof. Arnold Cassola, AD Chairperson, said, “Alternattiva Demokratika believes that there should not be any discrimination on any basis in Maltese society, including sexual orientation, as stated in the Maltese Constitution and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union citizen, which has been signed and ratified by the Maltese Government.”

“Today is a historical day for Malta and we are proud to have given our contribution to enhance awareness about equality and social justice. As members of the European Greens, who have been promoting equality for gay couples for many years, we adhere to the same political ideals. We hope that this law will lead to the legal protection of other couples, such as those in cohabiting relationships, as was promised by the political parties.” Prof. Cassola concluded.

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